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I did a search and could not find a thread devoted only to the manual and its iterations.

It is likely that various users of Scrivener have useful ideas and if enough ideas are considered it might help make the manual more complete and accessible to new users.

I was thinking of later versions that would carry manual updates. I notice that some developers produce an update of their 'manual' each time they do two or three little fixes so the fixes do not produce hundreds of queries.

One idea might be to produce a few visual talk throughs. For example NoteStudio (an Australian developer) did some VERY simple but extremely useful little videos:

http://www.dogmelon.com.au/ns/Note%20St ... vies.shtml

This is the sort of thing I had in mind.

Writers Cafe also has a useful tour model here:


And of course, the NovaMind tutorials are also very good in their step by step handholding as you progress through the learning curve:


Don't know whether this sort of thing helps or not. Please ignore it if it doesn't.

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