Scrivener 3.x Update Betas (Download Here)

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Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:49 pm Post

Before you proceed: Please see my notes about beta versions in my first reply to this thread. (Please do not download the current beta or post on the beta forum until you have read my first reply to this thread.)


Current Beta Version: 3.1 (3.0.9)
Build 9414
(Please see note in first reply to this thread explaining how beta version numbers work)

Download Link:

Requires OS X 10.12 or above.

(Beta versions will contain the Scrivener application in a zip file. By downloading the zip, you agree to be bound by the same EULA that you must agree to on the DMG of the regular version and which can be found on our site here: Once downloaded and unzipped, you can overwrite your existing version of Scrivener with the beta.)

Mac App Store Users: The beta should recognise you as a registered user as long as the Mac App Store version has been installed on your machine at some point.

Changes Since Last Release Version
• If the compiled title of a Section Layout contains nothing but images and whitespace, and if the “Document Title Links” options are set to override link titles with compiled titles, the name of the first image in the title will now be used for the linked title.
• Fixed bug whereby blank line separators did not work in ePub 3 and Mobi formats and came out as raw HTML.
• Fixed bug in “Test HTML” for ebooks in Compile whereby the exported HTML would not use the correct Section Layout settings until the Compile format had been saved.
• Fixed minor bug that could throw a harmless error when opening Compile if a new format had been created and then new Section Types added to the project.
• Fixed bug that could cause RTF or Word documents to have erroneous tables or lists in them if Keep with Next was used in a paragraph immediately following a table or list.
• Hopefully worked around a bug that could cause layout issues when applying internal links to PDF files during compile.
• Added a “Convert Preserve Formatting to dual dialogue tables” option to Compile for PDF and print, allowing for basic dual dialogue in script output.
• “Reset Search Settings” now switches to the main search results when a saved search collection is visible, so that it does not reset the collection’s settings.
• Fixed bug whereby internal links could be misplaced in PDF files on alternate pages when using mirror margins.
• Made improvements to the layout of footnotes in PDF and print-outs.
• Improved “Keep with Next” support so that it no longer pushes multi-line paragraphs down to the next page to keep with the next paragraph, but only the last line.
• Fixed bug whereby the outline of a multi-line comment or footnote might contain very slight slopes.
• Fixed bug whereby using a combination of “Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown with “Treat as raw markup” in Compile for a style used inside an inline footnote would end up splitting the footnote in two.
• Fixed bug whereby inline footnotes and annotations did not have style options applied to them during Compile.
• Fixed bug whereby text created by drags to the binder would not contain the styles of the original.
• Fixed bug whereby not all <$include> tags would be replaced in certain circumstances.
• Fixed minor bug whereby changing the title for the last item in a scrivenings session and then hitting tab to return to the editor would cause the typing attributes to use the title formatting if the item text was empty.
• Fixed bug that could cause an exception to be thrown when loading a scrivenings session with no document history.
• Fixed bug that could break images with captions in ebook export if the caption contained a text colour.
• Added “text-align: center” to the “Ebook” Compile format for “figure” in the CSS to ensure that images in figures get centred on the Kindle.
• Fixed bug whereby custom metadata dates set to ignore time zone changes would still update based on the current time zone.
• The scratch pad now supports text zooming.
• You can now choose to include a cover image when compiling to PDF format.
• Added a Compile option to restart footnote numbering with each section for Word and RTF export.
• Improved table insertion so that text is no longer indented in tables by default, and the correct formatting is used even when inserting tables into an empty editor.
• Fixed minor bug where the state of the tick next to “None” in the “Underline” menu was inverted, appearing only when the selected text was underlined.
• If a project is opened and closed without any changes being made, the modification date in the Finder should no longer be updated to today’s date.
• Fixed bug whereby adding a new style to a Compile Format sometimes wouldn’t put the focus in the style title.
• Fixed bug whereby footnote numbering might not be updated for documents that had not been opened during the session.
• Added new Compile styles option: “Match right indent to left”. When ticked, the right indent of the styled text will be set to match the left indent in the exported or printed document. This is useful for creating neat block quotes, for instance.
• Added an option to reset the tutorial to the Help menu and the templates panel contextual menu. This deletes the tutorial on disk so that a fresh version can be created.
• Made some minor amendments to the short story template Compile formats and fixed the issue of page numbering starting from the second page.
• Style prefixes and suffixes are now shown in the section layouts preview in Compile.
• Made further fixes to work around the bug Apple introduced in 10.13.4 that causes images generated from PNG data to become faded. The new fix should address the issue at the root.
• When pasting a table of contents (having used Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC), a sheet now appears allowing you to customise the indent widths and right margin.
• When importing Word and RTF files, the size of superscript text is now reduced.
• Fixed bug whereby exporting multiple Word files would not result in files that looked the same as exporting a single Word file (for instance, superscript text would be too small).
• Fixed bug whereby opening a project would change the default spell-checking setting for new projects.
• Fixed bug whereby <$img:> tags with only the height set would end up outputting the images the wrong size.
• Fixed bug whereby character names may not get capitalised in scripts when auto-completing if they were set to have a colon after them (e.g. in the BBC Taped Drama template).
• Made changes to project close code to try to avoid an occasional error reported about trying to save after the final save has been performed.
• Updated the “Parenthetical” element first line indent in the default “Screenplay” script format.
• Fixed bug whereby the plain text document prefix would not be added during Compile if the first document was completely blank and ignored.
• Fixed bug that could cause an infinite loop in the URL field in the footer when showing web pages.
• Fixed bug whereby, when creating a project from a template, the street address on the title page would have a “>” after it if it was drawn from Scrivener’s Preferences rather than Contacts.
• Fixed bug whereby the right margin in the styles list exported to Word or RTF might differ from the right margin actually used in the text.
• Compiling to Word and RTF now maintains the next style setting for styles.
• Added a new option to the “Styles” area of Compile to have script elements included as styles in exported Word and RTF documents.
• Fixed bug whereby the “stitch together adjacent tables” feature would not work well with lots of single-row tables.
• Fixed bug whereby the “insert blank row” and “restrict width” table Compile options were switched, so that ticking one would turn on the other.
• Fixed issue whereby if you added a table to section layout prefixes or suffixes, typing in another section layout prefix or suffix could cause a table to appear.
• Bug fixes and improvements to “Keep with Next”.
• Improved “Keep with Next” when the next paragraph is an image.
• Scriptwriting now supports “MORE” and “CONT’D” for Print and PDF via new settings in the “Text Layout” area of the Compile format editor (“Fix script elements that flow across pages” and the settings available in the “Options” popover).
• Added a new option to “Text Layout” in Compile, “Avoid splitting sentences across pages” (available when “Fix script elements that flow across pages” is ticked). When turned on, paragraphs in a script that are split across pages will be split at sentence boundaries.
• Added a “<$char_name>” placeholder that can be used in the new “(MORE)” field to include the current character name in the “MORE” text. This is used in the BBC Radio Scene Style format, which requires “(CHARACTER NAME/CONT’D OVER) to be inserted at the bottom of a page when dialogue is split across pages.
• Screenwriting, BBC Radio Scene Style, BBC Taped Drama, UK Stage Play and US Stage Play project templates and Compile formats have all been updated with the necessary settings so that dialogue and other elements are split across pages properly.
• Added “Minimum number of tabs” to Scriptwriting paragraph settings. This is now used in the UK Stage Play and BBC Radio Scene Style formats to ensure that long character names do not push dialogue to the next line.
• “Keep with Next” has a new option: “Can Split Across Pages”. As a result, the “Keep with Next” options are now in a submenu of the Format > Paragraph menu. When “Can Split Across Pages” is turned on, Keep-with-Next paragraphs will have some lines pushed to the next page when necessary rather than being pushed down in their entirety. When not turned on, Keep-with-Next paragraphs will always be pushed down in their entirety to stay with the next paragraph. (This was the only previous behaviour and is still the default, although previously there were occasions where the paragraph might be split. Now users have full control.)
• When exporting to RTF (and Word), paragraphs set to “Keep with Next” without “Can Split Across Pages” also have the “Keep lines together” RTF/Word paragraph setting applied.
• Added widows and orphan control to Scrivener’s page view. This is off by default but can be turned on via the “Editing” Preferences.
• Added “Avoid widows and orphans” option to the “Text Layout” area of the Compile format editor for PDF and Print.
• PDF/Print footnotes have been greatly improved, with many bugs fixed and enhanced layout, including a “Footnotes avoid widows and orphans” option that can be turned on separately from “Avoid widows and orphans” for the main text (although note that if “Avoid widows and orphans” is turned on for the main text, widow and orphan control will be used for footnotes even if “Footnotes avoid widows and orphans” is turned off - the latter option is purely for controlling widows and orphans only in footnotes and nowhere else, which is sometimes desirable).
• Added a “Keep footnotes at bottom of page” option to the footnotes Compile format settings for Print/PDF (on by default). If turned off, footnotes will be placed directly below the text rather than at the bottom of the page.
• Added a “Center single-line footnotes” option to the footnotes Compile format settings for Print/PDF. When turned on, end-of-page footnotes that contain only a single footnote of only a single line use centre alignment.
• Added a “Footnotes can split across pages” option to the footnotes Compile format settings for Print/PDF (on by default). The standard behaviour is (and has always been) to split long footnotes across pages when necessary to avoid lots of empty space, but this can now be turned off.
• Fixed bug whereby the “Section Types” menu in the outliner did not work properly, with “Edit…” not working.
• Fixed bug whereby if the last page was blank for print or PDF, its header and footer would be printed even if it was set not to be, and <$BLANK_PAGE> had no effect and would be printed out.
• Import Styles will now offer to update styles with the same name and formatting but which just have different settings.
• Fixed bug whereby search in DuckDuckGo would not work if that was set as the default search engine in Safari.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a hang when applying a bullet style at the end of the text.
• Worked around a macOS drawing bug whereby the background of a page view could be black after loading a Quick Look preview in the editor.
• Added “Convert to generic PDF/X-3 document” option to the “PDF Settings” of the Compile Format editor. The “Paperback” Compile format has this turned on by default.
• The session word count (in Project Targets) is now reset (if a reset time is set) even if there is no target specified.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if you tried to convert inline footnotes or annotations to Inspector footnotes or comments and the selection was entirely inside an inline note.
• Fountain import now inserts a line break rather than a paragraph break for lines in an action element that are not separated by an empty line.
• Fixed bug that could cause bullets appearing directly after a paragraph style to take on that paragraph style when exported to RTF or Word.
• Fixed bug whereby adjacent inspector footnotes would not all be included in PDF or print.
• Fixed bug whereby multiple extensions could be added to files when Compiling and switching between formats with different custom plain text extensions.
• Diacritics such as umlauts and accents are now supported in style names exported to RTF and Word.
• In custom metadata, when working with partial date formats (e.g. a format that does not include the year), when editing a date the invisible parts of the date are now maintained (previously they reverted to a system default, e.g. the year would revert to 2000 if it was not included as part of the format).
• Fixed bug whereby trying to drag an image alias whose underlying file no longer exists could throw an error.
• Fixed but that could throw an error when importing an RTF or Word file that had a comment attached to text associated with a footnote.
• Ebooks now support italics within paragraphs using para+char styles.
• Fixed minor issue whereby comments and footnotes would scroll up when clicking into them, causing the cursor to be put in the wrong place.
• Removed separate preference for setting Quick Reference selection colour (this now uses the main editor selection colour).
• Removed the “Attach format bar to toolbar in full screen mode” Full Screen Preference to avoid bugs in macOS 10.14.
• Added an “Appearance” submenu to the “Scrivener” menu on 10.14 which allows you to override the current appearance for the app, turning on Dark Mode even if the rest of the system is using Light Mode and vice versa.
• Fixed by whereby the “+” button in the snapshots inspector would take a snapshot of the document in the main editor rather than of the one in the copyholder if the copyholder had the focus (or could crash).
• When notification are turned on for taking snapshots and manual save is set up to take snapshots, the notification now shows how many snapshots were taken.
• When editing “Default Types by Structure” in the Project Settings, full width labels are now hidden in the binder so that the yellow highlights indicating which documents are affected by the Section Type settings can be more easily seen.
• Fixed bug whereby dragging a folder into another in a locked editor showing multiple folders on the outliner could result in showing two copies of the dragged folder.
• Writing direction is no longer overridden by Compiles text override settings.
• Fixed bug whereby moving cards down on a corkboard representing a collection would cause result in the cards being moved to end up one place left of what was expected.
• Fixed bug whereby text associated with comments would have an invalid link associated with it when exported to RTF for Word formats.
• Fixed bug whereby Compile’s blank line separator option could cause problems in text with comments when exported to RTF or Word if the comments contained empty lines.
• Quick Search in the toolbar now remains centred by default (Mojave only). If you do not wish to have it centred, Ctrl-click on the toolbar and deselect “Center ‘Quick Search’”.
• Epub export now supports inline MathML equations generated by MathType (previously MathML equations were always placed on a separate line).
• Full support for Mojave Dark Mode. (ADD DETAILS.)
• Fixed bug whereby choosing a system font in the Preferences for the binder could result in larger line spacing than expected.
• Added an option to the “Corrections” Preferences to turn off the elements list that appears on double return in scriptwriting mode.
• Unused section types are now hidden by default in Compile’s “Assign Section Types”, and a new button allows you to show them.
• After duplicating a format in Compile, if you cancel the Compile window, the duplicated Section Layout assignments for the new format are now remembered rather than lost.
• Fixed bug whereby Compile overrides could cause superscript text to get bigger.
• Hash characters are now always escaped when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown to avoid them breaking links (affects ebook export too).
• Added “Close Copyholder” to the View > Editor Layout menu.
• You can now double-click built-in formats in Compile to trigger a duplicate and edit (you will be asked if you want to duplicate the format to edit it).
• Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener could crash on Mojave when opening projects containing a locked inspector.
• Fixed bug whereby custom replacements set up in Compile (such as certain RegEx ones) could break internal tags used during the Compile process, which could then end up in the output.
• Improved font fidelity with auto-number replacement tags in compiled titles for fonts with no support for symbols.
• Added “Image cards use index card proportions” to the corkboard Preferences. When turned off, images no longer appear as squares on the corkboard but use the same size as other cards.
• When defining a style, the shortcuts menu now shows which styles are already using shortcut keys.
• Keyboard shortcuts are now shown in the styles panel.
• Scrivenings will now use scriptwriting mode if any documents in the session are script documents (previously it would only use script mode if the session contained more script documents than text documents).
• MathType data created in the Windows version is now retained when editing documents in the macOS version (and is used to generate MathML equations when compiling to ePub 3).
• Fixed bug in project Quick Look preview whereby document titles or synopses containing HTML entities would not work in the preview.
• Fixed bug whereby Page Up and Page Down would not navigate beyond the current page when viewing PDF documents in single page view.
• Added “Go to Previous Page” and “Go to Next Page” to the “Other Editor” navigation menu.
• Fixed bug whereby character styles could not be applied to Section Layouts in ebook Compile.
• “Include font family” is now hidden in the styles area of Compile for ebooks, since it has no effect.
• Compile will now show an error when trying to overwrite locked .docx and OpenOffice files.
• Added an option not to escape special characters when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown during Compile.
• Added a new option to convert links to MultiMarkdown during Compile if “Convert rich text” is turned off.
• If an alias file in the binder cannot be found, Scrivener now looks for the file in the same folder as the current project (using the binder document title as the file name). For aliases imported in 3.1 and above, Scrivener stores their paths internally and, if the alias cannot be resolved, tries to find the alias file by searching for a common ancestor of the alias and project files.
• Fixed bug whereby opening a link in a Copyholder would not update the Copyholder header bar or Inspector with the opened document.
• Added a new focus mode (available via View > Text Editing > Focus). This allows you to fade out everything except the current line, sentence or paragraph as you write.
• Fixed bug whereby Import and Split options would be smooshed the second time Import and Split was invoked on Mojave.
• Worked around a bug in Mojave whereby spell-checking is red-underlining words it considers (usually wrongly) to be grammatical errors, even when grammar-checking is turned off.
• It is now possible to change the created date for a document using the contextual menu in the created date text field of the Inspector.
• Added an option to the editor contextual menu to open the document associated with unlinked <$img:> and <$include:> tags.
• The sort order for search results/collections is now saved between sessions.
• The freeform corkboard now supports file dragging from the Finder to import files.
• If a linked image in the editor is missing, Scrivener now runs some quick and limited searches for the image before falling back on “MISSING_IMAGE” text.
• The keyboard shortcut Cmd-K is now used for “Add/Edit Link” in keeping with many other apps. “Split at Selection” now uses Opt-Cmd-K and “Split with Selection as Title” uses Shift-Opt-Cmd-K.
• Improved superscript and subscript support in ePub 3 and KF8 formats.
• A number of the sorting routines throughout Scrivener have been updated to use Finder-like sorting, which handles text with numerical suffixes better.
• Fixed bug whereby excluding front and back matter from the compiled word or character count would not work if “Include all text” was selected.
• Fixed a bug whereby text included in front and back matter using the <$include> tag would be counted in the statistics even when front and back matter were set to be excluded from the count.
• Fixed a bug whereby links containing underscores would come out wrong in ebook export and also when rich text was converted to MultiMarkdown.
• Added new ebook CSS option: “Create styles for paragraphs using direct formatting”. If ticked, the formatting for paragraphs in the text that do not use styles will be converted into CSS styles. If un-ticked, the formatting will be set per-paragraph in the HTML.
• Ebook section layout previews in Compile now use a uniform serif font to give a better indication of how text will actually look on an e-reader.
• Epub 3 and Kindle KF8 formats now allow for direct formatting, making them much more like the other Compile formats and less reliant on styles (although styles will still produce the best results for these formats).
• Added Edit > Sort > Collection into Binder Order. This sorts arbitrary collections into binder order.
• Scrivener now outputs the full font name of fonts in the RTF font table using the \falt tag, in addition to the PostScript names already included.
• With the changes made to the ePub 3 and Kindle KF8 formats, the older ePub 2 and Kindle Mobi formats are now deprecated. The older file types are no longer available for creating new Compile Formats, and will only appear as an option in Compile if any of the user Compile formats already use them.
• Fixed bug whereby “Replace” in the Find panel could be wrongly disabled when speech marks or apostrophes were involved in the search.
• For clarity, “Left”/“Right” labels in the margin settings for Compile now switch to “Outer”/“Inner” if facing pages is turned on.
• Added “Optimize for print-on-demand services” to the PDF Settings in Compile. When ticked, all PDF annotations will be removed, no hyperlinks will be embedded, no navigation outline will be included, and the PDF will be generated using the PDF/X format. These settings are necessary for print-on-demand services such as Amazon’s KDP.
• Changing between words and characters in the writing history no longer resets the selection.
• Fixed bug whereby the “first-letter” span style for ebooks could be added to the wrong section if any sections began with punctuation such as speech marks. Also, if a speech mark begins a section, the “first-letter” span will be added to the speech mark and the first letter.
• Writing History now records the total Draft word and character count for any given writing day.
• The internal JRE used for creating Word and OpenOffices files has been updated to version 10 and now uses the OpenJDK version of Java.
• Section Layouts in the Compile format editor are now displayed in bold if they are used in the project, to make it easier to pick out the layouts you may be most interested in.
• Scrivener is now notarised to comply with Mojave’s latest security requirements.

Known Issues:
  • None of the project templates currently have any Section Layout assignments set up for the new "6x9" paperback format.
  • This build has not been processed for languages other than English. This means that if your language is set to anything other than English, this build may crash or act unexpectedly, or interface elements may be missing.
  • Currently the Scrivener > Themes menu will only appear if you create some themes via the Preferences. For release, this menu will be present and populated with some default themes.

Changes Since Last Beta
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Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:55 pm Post

Please Read Before Downloading the Beta

Hello all,

From time to time I will post public betas here before an official release. Please note that this will be sporadic. There will not be regular beta versions and nor will there be beta versions before every update. Generally, betas will only be posted for bigger updates that might need a little more testing.

Note that beta versions will tend to use an intermediate version number. So, for instance, the 3.1 beta will be version 3.0.9. This is so that Scrivener's automatic updater will notify beta testers of the update when e.g. 3.1 is officially released.

Each beta posted here will show the release number, build number, download link, changes made since the last beta, and changes made since the last official release. I will not be spending time formatting all the release notes nicely here, as that will wait for the official release, so you may have to wade through them a bit. I'll also just be editing the top post in this thread to contain information about the most recent beta.

Please note: I make no promises about how often these betas will get posted. It may be days, weeks or months between betas. Please don't ask me to post a particular build that you know fixes or adds something you want - it's just not possible for me to upload specific builds for everyone.

Note to Mac App Store Customers: The betas available for download here check for both our regular licence and activation scheme (the one sold to none Mac-App Store customers) and for a Mac App Store activation. You must have run the regular Mac App Store version on your machine at least once for a beta version to recognise it as licensed, though. When you see a new update come out through the Mac App Store, it is recommended that you then delete the beta version and re-download from the App Store.

Please always check for the latest release version, and make sure you update to the release version from a beta when possible.

Thanks and all the best,
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