Together vs DevonThink 2.0

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I just switched from Together to DT 2.0 because it is just so much faster as well as having much better search capabilities as mentioned. I'd often have to wait when switching between documents in TG which I just don't get in DT. I also took advantage of the offer to get Devon Agent which if you do serious web searches is brilliant.

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Aye aye to all of the above. The advantages of having all of your meta-data available in the case of a catastrophic sudden lack of EagleFiler is one of the main advantages. I would say the second main advantage is its extremely thorough verification system. Every single file has its checksum stored (which is a bit like saying every file gets its fingerprint taken, and if that fingerprint changes you know the file changed) and verified against the actual files. Also the library format itself is very robust against power-outages and crashes. When you have many thousands of files, having something that makes sure all of those files stay the way they were when you put them there is pretty important. Given that many files will not be looked at for years at a time, you cannot rely on TimeMachine to fix everything (as eventually you'd have nothing but the corrupted copy backed up), but if you know about a failure right up front, you'll still get a chance to restore the pristine file over the damaged file. I'd be surprised if DTP doesn't do this either in some form (though I don't see anything about it in their marketing), but most of the notebook and collection type applications out there do not. So it is something to watch for.
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