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Not being able to see solutions on the site, I have just discovered what looks like yet another English breakthrough product ClaroRead Plus V3 which is for Mac and includes optical reader software. http://www.clarosoftware.com. It requires Word 08. Has anyone seen/used it?

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I got given Claroread by my LEA and it's pretty pointless without Word (which I don't plan to get).

Basically, the voices on it are pretty good, and relatively natural sounding, but you get more functionality from Automator if I'm honest.

Without word you can get it to read text you're hovering over, or text you highlight.

I haven't tried using Omnipage yet.

To be honest, I think this piece of software is just a big MS Word advert. Because pretty much all functionality doesn't exist purely because you don't have word. I see no reason for this. Literally everything it can do in word, I can't see why it can't do it running from any Text-engine app.
Don't bother with it.
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