Curio 50% off

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Just letting everybody interested know that Zengobi's Curio (a mind mapping, note-taking app) is 50% off today when using the coupon word


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Thanks so much.

It is a good program?

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It is a very good programme. It is effectively an electronic whiteboard on your Mac, with access to its own database/library, image browser and rudimentary mind mapping and project management tools. It is particularly good if you have a small graphics tablet so that you can doodle freehand on the images and text on the "whiteboard", playing with your ideas, their shapes and the links between them.

I think it is useful in the initial stages in a creative project where you are throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. It may be less useful on a factual writing project where a more rigid form of outlining is required (and where Tinderbox, say, or OmniOutliner may be a more appropriate tool.)

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