Time March app free for a few days

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Fri Jul 24, 2015 7:29 pm Post

Hello all,

I am pleased to offer the  Time March iPhone/iPad App free till the 26 July, 2015 (once you download it before this date, it will remain free). Do let me know what you think of it & if you like it, I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a review on the app store.

Time March is an app for creating historical & personal timelines. It is particularly useful to writers for creating  timelines of their characters/ works. Its innovative "Grouping feature" allows you to group multiple timelines together so that you can clearly see how events in different timelines affect each other, again very useful for writers as timelines of various  characters in a story can be seen in context. Timelines can be exported by emailing them as text/csv files (which can be opened in excel) and they can be imported by simply emailing a text/csv file to the app.

Web Site : http://www.ritsah.com/pages/timemarch.html

Harsh Bhasin