Leopard, now, later or never?

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Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:49 pm Post

Revoking licences is beyond my power. :)

To put it another way:

You buy into Apples' developer program to access their pre-release software so that you can ensure that your software will work on their new platform as soon as it is released. Then they don't give you the final version until they release it to everyone else? That seems a little insane, as no good software developer is going to assume that just because it works on the last seed of Leopard, it is going to work on the release version. I'm just not sure who that is benefitting. Surely it is better for users if developers get access to the Gold Master as soon as it goes gold, so that they can test software and release it straight away?

Not that it matters much now... Scrivener 1.1 will be out this weekend, and I'll never be buying into Apple's ADC program again. :)

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