Urgent Keyboard Recommendations Solicited!

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Mon May 02, 2011 3:05 pm Post

After trial and error I've settled on the Logitech diNovo keyboard (mac edition). It has the right amount of tactile feedback and wireless and has not needed new batteries in nearly a year. I've written 90K words on it and I can't fault it. Oh, and it's available in the UK...

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Markio wrote:I was googling for an ergonomic keyboard and I bumped into this thing. The explanation why it's ergonomic (keeping your hands in natural position) sounds plausible. You have to be able to touch-type ofcourse.
website: http://www.safetype.com

I had checked that Web site in the past, but this one seemed like a better option since it offers a high degree of customization:

Quite expensive, though.

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Sat May 14, 2011 2:00 am Post

I can't recommend the Matias Tactile Pro. The previous poster is right, the little feet broke easily. The keyboards are white and get dirty very easily (although I never tried to wash one in the dishwasher). But the case would crack as well. Good keys, but the rest of the keyboard left something to be desired.

I use a DAS keyboard, it's very sturdy. I have my own writing space so I'm not bothering anyone with the sound of my typing and you get used to the noise, to me it sounds like progress. I like the sound and the DAS is much more like a tank than the typical Apple keyboard.

Like Keith, I used to use a Macally and it was a very good keyboard.

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Sun May 15, 2011 4:13 pm Post

This will be either terribly off-topic, or dead-on. However, having seen that semi-vertical monstrosity... I, too, will suffer nightmares and anxiety for days to come. So, here goes...

I was searching for a good writing keyboard a month or so ago. Bought one of those fancy- looking ergonomic, soft-touch beauties for a pretty penny. A week later, my hands were cramping and I was ready to toss it out the nearest window! That thing had been created by Satan!

So, the search resumed and this time I had found something that is not a keyboard at all! I now handwrite on a tablet and it recognizes the text and types it. It's an old idea, but before I had never seen it implemented well enough to be useful. Now, it absolutely is! I've written about 10,000 words with it over the last few weeks. The accuracy is good, while my handwriting is Not. The speed is as good if not better than with a keyboard. Well... At least that's how it feels to me. I've never measured whether I type faster than I handwrite. Hand fatigue... I don't know. Does a hand get more tired using a pen and paper than a keyboard? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, I am a compete convert. In general, I think better while sitting on a couch by an open window with a pen in my hand. Creativity comes more reluctantly to me in front of a keyboard. Archaic, I know, but it's true. I've always said that typing up the stuff later is my first major editing run... But it does suck and it is counterproductive.

The handwriting app is WritePad. They have it for the iPad, but I use it on my Android Xoom tablet. The mobile version of Dropbox syncs the files to my proper computer (with Satan's keyboard still attached) and then on to Scrivener for integration, organization and editing. So far, it's been a dream!

I should caution that a couple of left-handed colleagues had a hard time keeping their wrist from resting on the pad, but they might how sorted that out with a trial that lasted longer than a few seconds. My own learning curve was maybe ten minutes.

Here are some links:
The app:

The stylus:
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Note: I published this is another forum, but I'm reposting it because it might be more likely to be seen here.

OWC is currently selling the Apple iPad keyboard dock (list $69) for $28.


It'll turn an iPad (in portrait mode) into a quasi laptop by letting you type on the standard Apple keyboard rather than touch the screen. The base is weighed and sticks out, so it isn't too portable, but it would be fine around the house or office.

At an Apple store, a salesman also demonstrated to me that it worked quite well with the iPod touch 2-gen I had at that time. It may or may not work with other iPod touches and iPhones, depending on how well it fits into a base designed for the 1-gen iPad. You might check out what you have before you buy. Also, used with an iPod touch, the special loudness and screen brightness keys work.

They also have the compact aluminum Apple Bluetooth keyboard for $50.


That'll work fine with iPads and recent iPhones and iPod touches. These units come without the fancy packaging and may have minor cosmetic blemishes. (One I bought a few months ago had a small ding in the aluminum.) My hunch is that these units come from production lots Apple rejected for some reason but allows to be sold on the grey market. They are guaranteed to work.

There are also numerous other Apple products at decent discounts including the larger aluminum keyboard, MacBook power supplies, the Magic trackpad, iPad cases, and earphones with the special Apple remote. You can find a complete list at:


Look through the entire, two-page list before making up your mind. Some items have multiple prices depending on their condition. I've bought from OWC several times before and never regretted it.

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