What's your favourite displacement activity?

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watching some good movies. that sure does help me alot to relax and to let my mind rest for a while

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watching a good movie sure does bring me joy

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pigfender wrote:I’ve got a very complex system in place designed to make sure that I never have to actually, you know, write something.

Firstly, I make sure I’ve got several projects on the go so that I divide what little energy I have very thinly, and guarantee that in the rare occasions I’m actually typing words that I still have other projects to feel guilty about neglecting.

Secondly, I invented a writing event (novelinaday.com) so I can make sure I have an outlet for story ideas and creative energy that doesn’t count towards my personal projects.

Thirdly, I have a day job that means that, although I spend the day dreaming about writing, I spend any snatched writing time worrying about working.

Fourthly, I have decided to become a YouTuber. I have produced no videos (of course), but have set up a page with an awesome header and logo. I also have a wonderful animated production “vanity card”.

I find these four strategies are generally sufficient to prevent work. In the unlikely event that I do find myself trying to work on that novel, one of two things is destined to happen:

One, Mrs PF will start talking to me (a wonderful distraction, of course), or two...

I visit the Literature and Latte forum.

(PS. I am also really into photography, and play guitar in a band)

Yes, yes, yes... but it's the PS that's grabbed me. Guitar in a band.
Any more info on that gem? Do you play lead? How about a SIAD? :D

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