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Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:22 am Post

(1) driver's side - but UK roads (ie, I sleep on the left). That's because it's the closest side to the door and therefore the kids.

(2) OVER! It's got to be over. I change other people's toilet paper if it's under.

(3) Wine, but not cheap plonk.

(4) Both, but feet under first. After reading for a while I'll have swivelled about and legs will be akimbo

(5) More Night owl. 8am counts as being a morning person doesn't it? 6am shoudn't be classed as morning.

(6) Technically savvy?

(7) I follow written directions if they are well written.

(8)At age 15 - it was horror movies all the way. Now they scare me and I need to watch romantic comedies.

(9) younger

(10) I resemble this remark. I think I'd work better if I WAS organised.
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