Just for fun: "Why Microsoft Word must Die"

Joy Livingwell
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Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:29 pm Post

I'm with Charlie on this.

Some years ago I collaborated on writing a book that shall remain nameless, which got published through a commercial publisher. Over 300 illustrations (photos and line art), tables, lists, and so on made the formatting complex. But FrameMaker handled it like a champ and made the writing process about as easy as it could be before Scrivener.

The publisher required that the manuscript be submitted in Microsoft Word. Fortunately, FrameMaker made it easy to convert the manuscript to Word. I even used FM to auto-add the subhead tags the publisher wanted.

When we received the manuscript back from the copyeditor, I first tried making corrections in Word. It was so awful to work with that I ended up copying the changes to FrameMaker, making edits, and re-converting the manuscript to Word for final submission. It saved us days of time, and the publisher never knew.

(Curiously, when I mentioned to the publishers that I hated Word, the they told me they hated Word too! They felt forced into using it by their workflow, and the necessity to use a format that their typesetters, editors, and authors could all use. Yikes.)

Word is going strong, ebook publishing has exploded, yet Adobe lets FrameMaker languish. Thank goodness for Scrivener!
I was going to procrastinate, but decided to put it off a while longer...