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Warning - Don't read this, it's boring, it's depressing. I'll take it away from the forum soon.
I'm actually having difficulties to find a method to learn from Kochan’s book (Programming in Objective-C). The method I had in mind was to look at a program and formulate it as a task to accomplish (one or two sentences in plain text). Then try to recreate the program in question without peeking at the solution.
- The problem with that approach is that it takes much time.
- On the other hand if I do not do it this way the learning will be shallow. It’s like playing air guitar, it’s not the real thing. Take your time and learn to manipulate strings, lists, dictionaries and files. They are the bread and butter of programming. Take micro steps, who cares. If you do not learn it now, it will be an obstacle that will throw you off, the time you really need it.
- On the other hand I fell that I should start working with real projects, so that I actually accomplish something. If I wait to create something until I’m ready for it, it will never be done.
- I remember Peter Smalls book Lingo Sorcery. It was fun to read until he came to lists and tried to explain how the worked without actually using them for anything. The book became boring at that point.
- Try this approach. Limit your work to just work with Kochan’s book. No email, no web, no TV, no reading other books, no nothing. Just Kochan’s book. Formulate the tasks, and try to create them.
- But that will be boring and that is the kiss of death.
- Help! It seems that several persons are talking inside my head and I don't know who to listen to.
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What the hell are you on!!!!!!
Is it expensive????
And` where can we all get some.
Don`t be too cryptic with the answer.

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Hey, Bob, I'm actually going through Kochan's book myself right now! A little daunting to me, I'll admit. I'm just reading the book straight through, doing all of the exercises in Xcode as I go. It's a lot easier to wrap your mind around when you actually do it and see the results in real life instead of just reading it. Something like this is going to take time, so I think the best way to approach it is to accept that fact and be prepared to take the time.

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I went back to school to become a programmer in the late 90's. Discovered I'm a terrible programmer. Actually discovered in my first job post school that I'm good at data-cleanup.

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Don't learn from Kochan's book.

Breathe. Take a step back. What is the purpose of reading Kochan's book?