Lions, and tigers, and...viruses?

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Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:41 pm Post

Tanith wrote:
Jaysen wrote:It is also "regular flu season" here ... that means every sniffle, cough, fever is fostering panicked screams of "I HAVE MEXICAN BEER VIRUS!!!!"

It's even more amusing when you're afflicted with seasonal allergies, as I am. You get the hairy eyeball every time you sneeze. :shock:

In Feb I had influenza A (positive test). That turned in to bronchitis. That is still with me. I get yelled at sitting on my balcony hacking up a lung sucking on an inhaler. My wife takes me on emergency food runs just to clear out the store at this point. She claims someone asked to borrow me to get quicker access to the drug store. I think she is pulling my leg on that one.

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Mon May 18, 2020 4:55 pm Post

Just spotted this thread. Actually, I've just spotted this section of the forum, I've never scrolled this far down before. :D

So, how is everyone doing? The UK went into lockdown the day the last post was made so we've just started the 9th week. I was already working from home before that then I was furloughed on April 1st, I kid you not. That was until the end of may but I expect that to be extended for another couple of months. Still, more time to write, eh?
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Mon May 18, 2020 5:20 pm Post

Everything is pretty much as usual where I live, in northern Sweden, except that all universities were told to move to distance education the first days in March. So I don’t have to commute to work (a 45 min drive each way). Instead I talk with colleagues and students via zoom, walk my dog, ride my horse, enjoy the late spring. Feels more like a privilige.

But then Sweden decided not to do a full-scale lockdown. Schools up to 9th grade (16 y olds) are open , public transportation open, shops open, etc. But public gatherings has an upper limit of 50 persons, which means almost all sports are stopped.

And the death rate is still way below the levels in e.g. UK, although higher than in Norway and Finland, and is slowing down now. Half of the deaths have been in Stockholm, which means that the rest of the country has had really low frequencies of sickness and deaths.

So, mostly life is quite normal. Although I do miss Formula 1. :(
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Tue May 19, 2020 1:56 pm Post

We're getting by. Our state is starting to reopen some things, even though there are still over 100 deaths a day. Masks are mandatory, although there's a not-insignificant amount who think their freedom is being impinged upon. This crisis is really showing the best and worst of people, that's for certain.
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