Can us Windows users get 'Title Adjustments' in compiling options?

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I LOVE this product to write, as I have been now using it for about a year for writing my novel. However, I am very frustrated with the lack of compiling options that the Windows users have compared to MAC. Specifically, the title adjustments. I have a Prologue, and don't want it to be automatically given a chapter. Reading many boards and watching youtube videos, the way around it is under the Title Adjustment options. However, that option is not available in the Windows. There are about 6 other compiling options, about 3 others of them that are not available would be things I would use to better to compile my novel. I honestly have been waiting a year now to see if there are any updates, but like others I see on the forums, they have been frustrated about the lack of options that the windows users are given.

Please, can anyone give any insight regarding this? I would love to not to have to edit this in another word program, but it might look like that I might have to.

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Windows Scrivener 3, currently in public beta testing, is expected to reach feature parity with Mac Scrivener.

More information about the beta can be found here: ... 57&t=40621

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That's good to know. Thanks, Katherine!