Generic RPG that could be used as a story system?

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Okay, I'm in. The landlord is having our windows torn out and replaced (yeah, it's December. Yeah it can get very cold in Massachusetts in December) while the electrical wiring is also being replaced. (Yeah it's against a few state housing laws.) I need an activity to keep me sane while I'm stuck on the laptop in libraries and cafes. (Or wrangling the new kitty.)

13 and 26 divide 78 equally. 6 cards would give me more to work on. 3 cards per chapter would mean I'd have to fill in more details. I'm thinking the first court card I come across is going to be the main character, 2nd is best friend, etc. I don't know if your first chapter devoid of characters would work, unless your last name is Steinbeck. I'm thinking if I don't get a court card in the first 6 cards, I'll reshuffle until I do.

five bucks says I start emulating the kitten and wind up running around yelling by Thursday, anyway.
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