Just gave up on Scrivener

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pigfender wrote:I presume ZAGG/mate is a type of coffee?

Rarely do I actually laugh out loud. But this time, LOL!

If I had unlimited funds I'd probably invest in a MacBook Air. (I laugh at myself for using the word invest.) That is basically a small, solid state computer. To me, that would be the ultimate writing machine as it would include Scrivener, have a full keyboard, great connectivity, lots of battery time and be very, if not quite as, mobile.

Maybe someday we'll have some sort of Scrivener companion available on our iPads. That'd be cool. Wouldn't that be cool, Keith? I think that would be cool. Cool as a witches t...t...tea kettle.

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Since the beginning of this year, I've been mixing Scrivener for Mac, and PlainText on the iPhone and the iPad for everything I write. From ideas for a music piece, to stories, to articles and essays. The iPhone is always with me, and is giving me extreme freedom. And the iPad is not the usual computer - it is letting me break from my everyday, everytime relationship with computers and the mess on their screen, while still letting me plug into the computer's world.

And then there are pen and paper, that I've started to use again, and that the extreme speed and ease of use of Dragon Dictate on the iPad/iPhone is making easy to integrate with the electronic devices. It doesn't matter which tools I use: I can use all of them, and I use the ones I have in that moment.

But Scrivener is the central hub of all this. It can collect the pieces I write on the phone and the tablet. I don't know of any other tool as efficent as Scrivener in this. So, my hint is to give Scrivener a second chance, since it can still help you.


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For the record: this plan hasn't worked. I've accomplished pretty much nothing with Pages. I kind of dread writing in it and so avoid doing it altogether, so having it available in iOS isn't much of a benefit.

Still hoping for Scrivener iOS...

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Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:48 pm Post

Have you tried using Scrivener on Mac with Simplenote sync to iOS? I'm still not really a fan of mobile writing, but I can't complain about Keith's implementation of this; it works very well.
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Very interesting topic as I do quite a bit of writing on my I-Pad, but it is purely for writing on the go, in coffee shops, and just for brainstorming or first drafts etc.

I used to use AI-Writer (or is it I-Writer, can't remember) as its just a blank page that you type on with little distraction and I can then copy and past into Scrivener. I tried Pages but couldn't get away with it.

Recently, however, MS has released Word (as well as the rest of Office) for I-Pad and, if you have a 365 license (which I do) it's free. This is now my app of choice as I've found it very solid. A few quirks and wrinkles need ironing out but overall its a great port. Again, the files I then email to myself to copy and paste into Scrivener. One thing about the I-Pad is, with certain apps, it can be difficult to sync with things like Dropbox - hence why I email to myself. Still, not the end of the world, but something that should be sorted by now.

I do think the I-Pad has a place for writers, but for me it is for short or rough work. In my view it isn't good enough to edit with or get a finished manuscript together, not with the apps it has currently.

I do agree with PF on certain points. If you have the money an I-Pad and keyboard would cost (I couldn't use it without a keyboard), it would be wiser to put towards an affordable laptop instead - they do more and are a one stop shop. I use the I-Pad purely because I had one (it comes in very handy at work). So, if you have one, it can be used for writing, but I wouldn't buy one purely for that purpose. When Scrivener comes to iOS, I'll certainly pick it up and see if it improves things.

With regards to a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air - I'd love one! I have heard nothing but good things but I have a laptop and desktop (both perfectly good) so it would be a pointless, indulgent purchase that I can't afford. Maybe something to treat myself with when I sell a novel or screenplay :lol: