My debut historical is in bookstores

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I spent eight years writing my debut novel, Watermark, about papermaking in the Middle Ages, which came out from HarperCollins this year. I would have been far less organized without Scrivener, which I found a few years back. I'm working on my next historical and am thrilled to be using Scrivener from the start. It's made keeping track of my research so much simpler.

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Congratulations on a successful launch.
Watermark looks intriguing. :shock:
Good Luck with future endeavours.
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(And if you ever feel like writing a small testimonial for our published author's page, drop David a line on our sales@... address... :) )

I hope Watermark is a roaring succes,
All the best,
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Will do!!

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Hearty congratulations!

Watching the trailer and reading the synopsis, you've definitely woven something that looks very interesting out of a subject I would probably have not given a second thought to had I even thought of it while pondering the context of a new novel.

Well done, I applaud you :)

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Congratulations. Great reviews on Amazon. Writing fiction of this sort to me requires the greatest skill of writing so I salute you.