I just Kindled myself.

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Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:11 pm Post

As of 11:38 AM, June 21st (the Solstice!) I hit the button and got published. :lol:

See my book, Cat 911, here.

Now, granted, it's not quite the process I dreamed of; call from agent, fancy lunch with editor, cashing a check, and holding a hardcover in my hand while wincing at the author photograph on the back flap.

But it is what it is.

I'm out there.

It's 3 months shy of two years ago when I started a Blogger blog with my idiosyncratic cat advice. As a longtime cat rescuer & rehabilitator, I knew my take on cat stuff worked for me. Would it work for others?

The answer came back: Yes.

People wrote me about how I've solved their cat problems, got their cat to be more affectionate, and increased their Cat Appreciation. I saw my special phrases getting googled; "beta cat type", "vulcan mind meld", "fist of friendship", and "cats do not obey the laws of physics".

Encouraged, I splurged on my own site and Wordpress blog, and hits jumped. I explored the wild and whacky world of SEO, and made plans to publish ebooks.

And then I got an iPod touch, and Kindle became my addiction. I moved first on Kindle because they have it all set up; in a week or so, I'll also be selling my first ebook, Cat 911, on my site, wayofcats.com, too.

And I owe it all to Scrivener.

I started traditionally. I wrote a cat book on Scrivener. But the publishing industry is not a welcoming place. I was halfway through researching a package that was meant to get a small publisher to take me on; marketing plan, media contacts, prospective audience numbers... when it hit me.

Why am I doing all this work for them? Why am I trying to convince them my advice is both new and fresh... and also the same-old, same-old they feel comfortable publishing? All to wait six months to a year to hear back that I'm not right for them at this time?

Anglo Saxon that.

So, I turned those chapters into blog posts, with Scrivener. Then I turned those blog posts into ebooks, with Scrivener. And the journey begins.

It helps that I am almost genetically engineered to take this route. I have the tools and skills to create graphics, handle HTML, and negotiate the Web. But all that means is that my learning curve is a bit shorter and steeper. These things are getting more automated all the time.

My eventual goal is my original one. I do want to have a book published in the traditional way, of course! I may yet be wincing at my author photograph. But now I'm building an audience and selling books; at least, I hope so. While the Internet is a big part of the publishing industry, it's not the whole part.

But I've bypassed the whole "convincing the editor" stage. I'm hoping having an audience, and a track record, will convince that editor for me. I'm doing what they want from authors these days; doing all the work myself.

We'll see how it goes.

A work in progress...


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Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:56 pm Post

Congrats and continued success! Woohoo!


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Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:22 pm Post

Let us know how it goes in Kindle World. I've enjoyed your web site on cats; lots of great information dispelling a lot of myths.
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Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:50 pm Post

Good for you, I've taken a similar route myself. Very clever title. Sent your blog to a cat loving friend of mine.

Curious why no physical book. You can self-publish that as well. I used CreateSpace.com