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Hello, everyone. Newcomer to Scrivener here. I'm just doing the legwork for releasing my first full-length novel, and my new commitment to stick with fiction and create a series of this coupled with an AppSumo deal led me to jump into Scrivener, which I had looked at several times over the years. To date, I've been largely writing early drafts of my books in an archaic word processor (Lotus Word Pro), then getting the text into InDesign and actually taking it the rest of the way there.

My new book is called The Legend of the Dagger Prince, which is a medievalesque fantasy.... You can find more info at the site in my sig (assuming it's displaying).

Here's a paragraph I'm using as a teaser for the next book, called Nabbl's Concubine:

Blood splattered into the glistening snow, painting patterns of death into the brilliance. Doddrach the Colossal tottered left, right, then pitched forward. The lesser men around him—coyotes, jackals, barn rats—closed in upon the fading giant. An ill-advised eagerness, for even in his dying gasp, he was mightier than they. One blow, two blows; one fell, two fell; and at last Doddrach lie still, bleeding out in the snow.
T. A. Gallant
Author of The Legend of the Dagger Prince, Codex I in the Annals of Adamah series.