The war, the partisan and his son...

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Dear friends,

I'm happy to introduce you to my first published book, a story from Second World War and the italian "resistenza" against nazi-fascists; a story about a son remembering his late father, one of seven brothers who met their deadly destiny in the same day, December 28th, 1943.

The 70-years-old Adelmo Cervi told me his story, I wrote it down, and the book is the bookstores and on since April, 15th.

History, memoir, a bit of fiction – we are happy about our book, and we hope readers will love it too. ... +tuo+cuore

And concerning Scrivener... well, it was very, very helpful in writing and organizing all my stuff (drafts, research, links, photos and so on). Hmmm, did I say *helpful*? I'm sorry - I meant INVALUABLE!

"No Scrivener? No book!!!"