Am I a writer ?

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I first want to express my admiration for scrivener. One of the most difficult things must have been to accomodate the different types of writers. I am now trying to get my niece on scrivener. She didn't follow my advice to get a mac, nor to study Latin. Now 12 years later she has a ph.d. had to learn Latin at the university, works on a mac and speaks Italian ( her 5th language). Funny hey...
I wrote for 11 years for television. I wrote an average of 1,1 program a week during those years and had a breakdown. I didn't know that, I thaught I had a sort of flu, and wrote a piece in my second language, French, it was produced in Paris. The actor I worked with came to my hometown Brussels, went on stage and fell death, november 2011. Then I knew I had had breakdown. Now I'm 'writing' a database. It's what sudoku's are for other people. I don't know if i'll get back to writing again.