My first ever novel!

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Congratulations, Nicolas,

1) I take it you used Scrivener to set it all up or did you have someone help you with the design, cover design, etc. and used some other software?
2) Did you have someone do the style editing?

As for the price, I agree regarding the Kindle version. As first-time author you will need exposure and for a low price people are willing to spend those few bucks on an unknown name if the blurb catches their attention. Regarding exposure, and as I haven't read the novel it's hard to tell, but perhaps you did some background study on the technology you are talking about (what inspired you to present such a theme), which may be a subject worth presenting in some conferences at libraries, etc. A lot of starting writers set up tours to gain exposure. It works better for non-fiction, as the theme is clear. But you may wish to see if any bookstores may be willing to set up a coffee-evening with invitations, etc. It attracts potential buyers (of any, not just your books), and you may need to arrange for the coffee yourself. A professional publisher would take care of such tours for their authors, which is the reason why self-publishing is an uphill struggle.

Good luck,