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Tue Aug 07, 2007 11:35 pm Post

And AV doesn't even get paid for her services (yet)...

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I recommend that everyone who can, and doesn't mind it, make use of the RSS feed for this forum. You can set it to get updates at whatever interval you like, and then read individual posts at your leisure without requesting data from the sever every single time. Unlike some feeds, the full post (including any embedded images) get included. When a post interests you, there is a link provided at the bottom which will take you straight to that point in the forum. Very handy. Vienna is a nice free RSS reader---but even the one that comes built in to Safari would make for an easier browsing experience. Not only for you, but everyone else because fewer people are constantly talking to the server.
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I second Amber's motion. In Safari, all you need do is click on the blue RSS symbol at the end of the L&L URL. When you get the feed page, bookmark it. Set it up to show the newest posts first, and you may color-code them, too. (See Safari Preferences: RSS). You may sort them in many ways and even do a quick search for topics or posters. (And im-posters, like Vic-K). :)

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SSssshhhhhh!!! Don`t tell everybody.

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