What templates do you want in Scrivener 2.0?

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As one or two others have said, I'd like to see a template for a non-fiction book.
It would require the following

1) Preface / Foreword
2) Introduction (possibly by a different person)
3) Contents
4) Chapters
5) Index
6) References
7) Acknowledgements
8) Illustrations pictures and diagrams (to be linked into the appropriate places in the main text)
9) Research
a) links to web sites
b) reference books and articles
c) interview transcripts
d) other miscellaneous information and notes
10) Proposal for publisher including
a) Synopsis / Outline
b) Sample chapter
c) Pitch
d) Author's CV

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A suggestion has already been made for a 'Poetry Template', and I think it is a great suggestion, which I would like to see implemented as well.
Thank you for accepting suggestions and good luck creating them.

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There are more than 600 known poetry forms. So it is unlikely that anyone will ever create a useful template for Poetry.

For example take a look at Listology - http://www.listology.com/list/poetical-forms

It is very easy to build a Scrivener Template so why not read how to do it then do it yourself. You can then shape the template to suit yourself and your interests.

I tried and got as far as "The boy stood on the burning deck..."

PS: Love poets - very special people.

PPS: You might enjoy this compelling 360 documentary on Benjamin Frater
http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/pro ... ll/3764002