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by The_Tablet
Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:55 am
Forum: I'm a writer!
Topic: I write!!
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I write!!

Okay, please don't attack me for this.... but I primarily write fanfiction. Yes, I'm one of those girls. In 2015, I started writing for the game Plants vs. Zombies. I made up all these characters based on the game's plants and created stories and narratives with them. This in turn inspired me to beg...
by The_Tablet
Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:38 am
Forum: Using Scrivener
Topic: What font do you use?
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Re: What font do you use?

My goto used to be Chinacat , but now I almost exclusively use SF Cartoonist Hand . White text on a black background because I'm a night owl and black-on-white will burn my eyes :lol: I just really, really like the look and aesthetic of handwritten fonts that aren't cursive. Screw all those straight...