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by K.Sharon
Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:01 am
Forum: Software & Development
Topic: iOS Music App recommendations
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Re: iOS Music App recommendations

did you ever try Spotify or Pandora, personally I used spotify , I can stream music on it or also I can save my favorite for offline mode too. It has also a free tier that allow user to listen anything with shuffle mode on iPhone.
by K.Sharon
Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:57 am
Forum: Using Scrivener
Topic: Scrivener 3 macOS Shortcut Cheatsheet
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Re: Scrivener 3 macOS Shortcut Cheatsheet

thank you for sharing this... here some Mac shortcuts
New Document ⌘ N
New Folder ⌘⌥ N
Duplicate ⌘⌥ D
Group ⌘⌥ G
Previous Document ⌘⌥ ↑
Next Document ⌘⌥ ↓
Inspector ⌘⌥ I
Compile ⌘⌥ E
Save Now ⌘ S
Sync Now ⌘⇧ S (This support simple course is only open in exercises that are currently set up to modify)