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Scrivener 3: Metadata Plus

JH / 9 NOV 2017

Scrivener 3 introduces three new types of metadata—checkboxes, lists, and dates—and offers more ways to use it.

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Structuring with Label View

JH / 23 AUG 2017

For our second post on the upcoming Scrivener 3, I'm excited this week to show off a new corkboard layout that takes advantage of one of my favourite features in Scrivener: coloured labels. Labels have always been helpful for organizing your project—you might use them to mark a scene's viewpoint character, to indicate a document's main topic, or to track locations for a script. In Scrivener 3, you can further use labels to visually chart your project's structure by the points important to you.

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Collaborative Novel Prep for the NaNoWriMo Rebel

JH / 29 SEP 2014

We've just entered autumn here in the northern hemisphere. To celebrate the changing seasons, the fiery landscape, the woodsmoke scenting the crisp air, I thought I would make this month's post a simple (yet subtly complex and insightful) haiku.

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