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Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

"I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it." Author Charlie Stross On Scrivener - And How The iOS Version Fits In.

Julia / 26 JUL 2016

Scrivener for iOS presents a deceptively simple appearance: there are a lot of really nifty features that only show up if you experiment.

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Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Who'd be a Beta Tester? Interview with Michael Marshall

Julia / 18 JUL 2016

You can start work immediately. Later you’ll realise how powerful it really is.

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Julia / 26 NOV 2014

For anyone hoping they’ll get their book finished by this time next year, the concept of writing an entire Novel-in-a-Day is enough to prompt a swift lie-down in a darkened room. But on October 25th this year, that’s exactly what a bunch of L&L staff and forum members did - one novel, one day. Finished. Complete.

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