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Simplicity (and the inspectors cometh)

I haven't got much time to do anything on Scrivener or the typewriter emulator this weekend. I wish the reason for this was that I am too busy enjoying Father's Day and spending quality time with T. and O., but no... It's actually because OFSTED have announced that they are inspecting our school this week, so all my plans and paperwork have to be spick and span, up-to-date and perfect, etc etc. Ugh.

I have been having some thoughts, though (just as well). Right now, I'm really enjoying using and messing with my typewriter emulator. It feels good - it reminds me of the buzz I got from writing on my mother's old typewriter, back when I first wanted to write. It also makes me wonder if I shouldn't simplify everything else. As soon as I have time this week, I think I'm going to put together a very simple application that incorporates the typewriter application along with my corkboard view. If I can fit an outliner in there too, all the better. Complete simplicity, but useful... I'm beginning to think that the best programs are the simplest, and maybe Scrivener should go completely spartan. Watch this space: .


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