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Scrivener 3 for Windows: Further Delays

We're sorry to announce that the release of Scrivener 3 for Windows has been pushed back again.

In his last blog post, Lee, the developer of Scrivener for Windows, announced that Scrivener 3 for Windows would be released on the 30th August. Today is 30th August and, sadly, we haven’t got a release to give you - it’s still not ready. This is from Lee in his latest beta announcement:

"We have made significant progress with this release; however, I don't believe it would be prudent to release on my announced target date of the 31st August 2019. Scrivener 3 for Windows, now with another ~50 fixes, is looking good and functioning very solidly, but there are still smaller details that when addressed will make it really good. As you'll note from the number of fixes in this release, the rate of dealing with these smaller issues is now much faster than before when we were getting the core functionality bedded in.

"Producing high utility and high quality software is what we're about. I know some folks will not like what I'm saying, all I can say is that we are doing our best to release as soon as makes sense with our wider community being top of mind. I personally take accountability for not hitting the 31st August 2019 date. I do believe we are a matter of a few weeks away now - I'm certainly not talking months. 

"I appreciate greatly the continued support from the beta forum helping us identify and iron out issues. I'm quietly confident that this beta community will agree with my assessment based on what I've read these past few weeks. I also think many of the fixes in this release will be appreciated."

We apologise unreservedly to all users who have been eagerly awaiting this release. For those raising concerns that we are being overly perfectionist and should just release it now, please be assured that this is not the case: there are a few outstanding areas that just aren’t working yet and we cannot release until they are. (There are checkboxes in Compile that aren’t hooked up, footnotes aren’t working, and styles, which are a fundamental part of the how Compile works in v3, aren’t working as they should right now.) I’d also like to apologise for the lack of communication - we should absolutely have posted this several days ago, when it became clear that no amount of last-minute code-crunching was going to get us to a release today.

I could offer a few excuses - such as how we unexpectedly had to switch over to a whole new licensing system, which certainly pushed things back - but excuses don’t help, and I understand that many of you will be quite understandably very frustrated by news of a further delay. We really appreciate your enthusiasm for the product and Lee and Tiho* will continue working at full throttle until Scrivener 3 is ready. We’re not going to give another release date until everything is fixed and working properly.

Note: Anyone who purchased Scrivener 1 for Windows on or after 20th November 2017 will be eligible for a free update to Scrivener 3 when it is available. Anyone who purchased before that time will be able to upgrade for the reduced price of $25. You can download and use a beta of version 3 here.

* For those new to the site, Lee and Tiho are the Windows developers; I’m the Mac and iOS developer.

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