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Scrivener 3 for Windows: Final Update Before Launch News

A briefer update on the development of Scrivener 3 for Windows.

After a fairly horrendous year globally, we were really hopeful we’d be offering a shot in the arm for our Windows users before 2020 was out with the release of Scrivener 3. As if this year hasn’t provided enough bad news already, our Windows development team requires a bit more time. In the scheme of things, an update to a piece of software that is already available and functional in an earlier iteration is certainly not a grave situation, but we’re sorry that we’re passing yet another date we touted as being a goal for release. The current situation is that we’re waiting on a release candidate from our developers to begin testing tomorrow. They’ve indicated that a few outstanding bugs remain, so they’ll be coding through the Christmas period so we do not drift too far into 2021 without releasing Scrivener 3.0 for Windows. 

Remember, we'll still be honouring a free upgrade route for all those users that have purchased a licence for Scrivener 1.x on Windows on or after 20th November 2017. That’s a free upgrade window that now runs for over 3 years! As always, our beta is available for testing from our forum webpage here. The expiry date for the current beta is 31st December 2020, but as we’ve been doing throughout, a new and improved beta will be released before the current beta expires. Please help us by thoroughly testing aspects like compile and reporting issues so we can resolve any remaining bugs to our exacting standards before release. 

No one is looking forward to this release as much as ourselves, and we trust we’ll be in a position to provide a specific date for release early in 2021. We naturally appreciate your ongoing patience, and hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas period and New Year! 


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