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Scrivener 3 for Windows: Available Now

New enhanced version released

Scrivener 3 for Windows is a major paid update featuring a modernised interface and  hundreds of improvements.

Scrivener 3 for Windows

Scrivener for Windows started life two years after Scrivener for Mac was first released. Since that time, neither platform has stopped progressing. However, functional parity and consistency between the Windows and Mac versions has always been our goal. In 2017, it was agreed that merging Scrivener for Mac's 2.0 and 3.0 functionality into a single Windows Scrivener 3.0 would precipitate this desired parity sooner. It may have taken more time than expected, but thanks to a patient and encouraging community of public beta testers we have been able to deliver not just very high quality software, but something incredible! We’ll let the software speak for itself in both these regards.

This will be the first paid upgrade for the Windows platform since we started a decade ago.

Here are just a few of the new features available in Scrivener 3.0:

  • Modernised, redesigned UI with all-new graphical elements and a flatter, fresher feel.
  • A true styles system, making it much easier to format headings, block quotes and more, and to reformat everything on the fly when you export or print.
  • Compile, Scrivener’s powerful export feature, has been rebuilt from the ground up, making it much easier for novices to use while providing even more power for those who want to dive deep.
  • ePub 3 support and improved Kindle export, with fully customisable CSS for ebooks.
  • View more documents alongside one another using the new “Copyholders” feature. You can even navigate your writing using the binder on one side of the UI while viewing more than one research document and the outliner on the other.
  • Bookmark and then view and edit documents in the Inspector, right alongside whatever you’re working on.
  • Enhanced outlining. Scrivener’s corkboard and outliner are now more flexible and show text previews for documents with no synopsis.
  • Writing History: keep track of how much you write every day.
  • Track threads on the corkboard: Scrivener’s new “Arrange by Label” corkboard mode allows you to arrange cards along coloured lines representing labels. Great for working out different storylines or themes.
  • Custom metadata: you can now create pop-up lists, checkboxes and date fields in Scrivener’s inspector and outliner.
  •  Easy layout switching: quickly switch between useful UI setups using the new default layouts available from the Window ▸ Layouts menu, or from the leftmost toolbar button.
  • Scrivener’s search and text engines have been completely overhauled with many new features added and upgraded, including quick search, RegEx everywhere, replacements and more.
  • Every single feature and UI element of Scrivener has been refreshed, overhauled and improved.
  • Scrivener has 32-bit 64-bit options, both of which perform much faster than version 1.x.
  • Much, much more.

Lee & Tiho
Windows Development Team


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