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Scrivener 3.0 for Windows - from the horse's mouth

Our Windows development team provides an insight into progress.

Additional release guidance provided by Lee on 28th August 2019. 

I understand that some Windows users are getting more and more frustrated, wondering if the release of Scrivener 3 for Windows is ever going to happen! I get it. Two months ago, similar frustrations and questions were thumping around inside my head. Heck, if I were a Scrivener Windows user without the perspective and insight I have, I'd be mulling over some verbal eggs to lob across the fence in frustration right now too. We initially slated “some time in 2018” for release, but later revised that to “by the end of Q2 2019”, and we're not going to make that either. Thankfully we are very close now, so I wanted to personally give some insight into the hurdles and challenges we have had to overcome.  

Scrivener for Mac has never stopped moving - ever! Keith once compared my role akin to Sisyphus

First and foremost, we are all determined to get it right. We just don't release half-baked software, but strive for the best it can reasonably be with a high utility yield. We do this because we genuinely care about our audience, and our software. Often, that last 5%-10% of development tweaking and fixing is hard to justify as it takes an inordinate amount of extra time; especially when many organisations just push it out and fix it later, but we don't see the need to frustrate our audience that way. Intrepid users can always download the beta of Scrivener 3 after all and the beta has been robust and stable for at least six months or so now. 

I believe Scrivener for Windows history speaks for itself. For version 1 we spent around a year in beta; I still have the nightmares - don't ever try and build your own rich text engine from scratch debugging that thing is like opening Pandora's box. After that we released 24 FREE updates. Scrivener 1 for Windows was only ever supposed to match Mac Scrivener 1.5.4, but soon incorporated many Scrivener 2 Mac features (that Mac users paid an upgrade fee for). Things like:- eBook formats (ePub and .mobi), Meta data, Inspector Comments and Footnotes, Collections, Multimarkdown, Multiple Project Notes, Final Draft import and export, Composition mode background image, Custom Binder icons, Syncing with iOS and cloud, etc. None were ever in our target Mac 1.5.4.

Scrivener 3 for Windows

Scrivener 3 for Windows

Scrivener for Mac has never stopped moving - ever! Keith once compared my role akin to Sisyphus - you know the Greek who was punished to push a large rock up on a steep hill, only to find it rolling back when nearing the top. Whilst this does frustrate me at times no end, I would not have it any other way as Scrivener is constantly getting better, more refined and useful. Keith is really good at what he does. So, as much as pushing another dozen rocks up a hill pains me and spits expletives at my computer screen at times, Scrivener and our audience is all the better for it - and that floats my boat to some extent; the satisfaction that comes from extreme effort. 

Scrivener for Windows, for the first time ever looks just as beautiful and useful as the macOS version! We want as much parity between Scrivener Mac and Windows as possible. The meeting point was version 3, but since then Mac Scrivener has already had six releases! So, my role as Sisyphus continues with the only constant being change itself and the never ending cycle of steep hills. We keep running, but the gap feels like it shrinks minimally. So, there's already stuff in Windows 3 that the current macOS version has. Things like:- many specific placeholders, progress bar improvements, themes and dark mode, menu parity is constantly changing, etc. A lot of the blame for wanting to add great features like dark mode is squarely on my shoulders as I wanted it for me too; my eyes are just ruined by bright screens. 

Scrivener 3 for Windows - Dark Mode

Scrivener 3 for Windows - Dark Mode

Outside of this, Windows has always been a tougher development platform. Nothing new there. Microsoft don't give as much away to entice development on the platform like Apple does. We've had to build our own Dictionary & Synonym engines, Emoji functionality, we even built our own version of the Mac only Menu Search functionality (so useful for finding where something sits in the menu structure). To the best of my knowledge we're the only Windows software to offer that. The list is actually really long as to all the bespoke stuff we've had to build from scratch that Mac devs just get out of the box. We've had a lot of issues with Windows Scaling and Zoom also i.e. looking awesome on one device and crappy on another, or scaled differently across multiple simultaneous displays. A large part of this is that the Windows world has so many different vendors building their own versions of hardware. Apple devs only have to worry about one and Apple typically does all the heavy lifting for them - it's going to look how it looks in Xcode and that's it. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more rocks to push.

A large part of this problem time wise is that it's hard for us to duplicate reported issues as we can't possibly own every combination of Windows hardware; hence why we are so grateful to those committed beta testers who really help us wade through these problems. We had issues getting the C++ Qt framework, that we use for Scrivener Windows development, to accomodate Multi Document View a.k.a. Scrivenings as a result of a grave design flaw in the document/layout structure of Qt - this has been around since v1 of Scrivener for Windows, but we've improved it massively in 3. Adding extra list item types has also been a challenge as has Page View. Fortunately, most of these are behind us now and our last focus is getting the Compiler 100% and fixing remaining reported bugs. 

We've had to replace eSellerate, our payment, serial generator, software registration and activation provider - that was a month plus of recent interruption and had to be completed before 30th June 2019 before eSellerate turned out the lights for good. This impacted Windows: Scrivener 1.x, Scapple and Scrivener 3. 

Finally, something that's not visible to users is that we have the Scrivener for Android backend completely abstracted and built into the Scrivener Windows desktop, so once 3 is out we can focus on the Android interface only as all the heavy lifting on the complex backend has been done and dusted. These are not excuses. We're late and I'll wear that no problem. It's purely some insight into the challenges Tiho and I face each day. We are both extremely committed and passionate about delivering the best Scrivener 3 possible, as is the rest of the team at Literature & Latte. I will personally commit, and be held responsible, for having Scrivener 3 for Windows ready for release on the 30th August 2019. I appreciate everyone's patience and look forward to releasing soon. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more rocks to push. 

Lee Powell 
Scrivener for Windows Developer



josephinewrites  /  30 JUNE 2019

THANK YOU for all your hard work on this. Scrivener makes my life better on a daily basis, and I look forward to the next version whenever it's ready!


PierreR  /  30 JUNE 2019

Thank you Lee for this clear and detailed status update. Showing great respect to the windows users community with this communication will certainly contribute to diminish the pressure (and the number of ironic comments). At the end of the day, transparency with custommers is always paying. That said, I'm very thankfull for your hard work and eager to install version 3 before september 1st. :-)


tmhayes  /  30 JUNE 2019

Thanks for this update and all your hard work! I cannot imagine writing in another platform, your efforts definitely pay off for all of us dedicated users.


Kyttin  /  01 JULY 2019

If you guys get this out by the 30th it will be one of the best birthday presents of the year. Blizzard bringing back Classic WoW ON my birthday and then Scrivener having dark mode available to Windows users 5 days laters. *squee! ....Mind Blown* Thanks for the update and Good Luck!


Anatoli11  /  01 JULY 2019

Awesome! I love your product, and the release will be on my birthday! Best present ever!


SD56  /  01 JULY 2019

Great product and it sounds as if even better things are on the way. Good luck, and thanks for all you've done already.


Brad  /  01 JULY 2019

Thank you! Thank you! I'm glad we have an update. I'm glad you're working hard to get it right...but, please hurry. :-)


JeffreyPerren  /  01 JULY 2019

Extremely grateful for all the hard work on this product. As a professional novelist, I use the tool almost daily and have been eager to have the new release. Unusually, I'm guessing, I was on the Mac platform for several years and switched to Windows a couple of years ago. I've missed the Mac version only a little bit, but always happy to have improved software. Thank you again for making this possible.


Just Mick  /  01 JULY 2019

I look forward to paying my money. Scrivener is a great value, and I'm happy with the current version. I will likely be ecstatic with 3.0. (Not to put any more pressure on you or anything like that.)


Symphony  /  01 JULY 2019

Lollllll, you guys. You could just not announce any updates at all until a hard release date if you developed and released Scriv for Mac and Windows at the same time. Y'all keep missing deadlines. You need a new update release model, cause this isn't working and never has.


Kramii  /  02 JULY 2019

Fantastic news! Thank you for all your hard work.


TessaS  /  02 JULY 2019

I have just recently purchased Scrivener 3, and notice that it does not have bookmarks and a top search bar. Is this only applicable to the Mac version, or will Scriv 3 still get these features? Love the program so far.


Northern_light  /  02 JULY 2019

Great, that more or less coincides with my deadline for first draft of current novel. I look forward to working on later drafts in the new version, with DARK theme! So, so glad you share that particular preference.

And your comments about the heavy lifting on the back-end for an Android front end is hugely promising. Cross-platform between Windows and Android is going to make users far more mobile and able to be productive in all sorts of places.


MorganBlackwood  /  02 JULY 2019

I have been waiting for so long. I really hope this comes out on that date so I can buy it and enjoy it already. This software is beautiful!


Philjaq  /  02 JULY 2019

It's getting closer .. I can really feel it arriving. I check in every couple of months or so and at last I find a firm date.

Can't say I'm excited about dark mode. I find white text on black background very tiring and dark mode seems to have become the fashion these last couple of years or so. So many applications now have dark menu bars with drop downs using coloured text - dark blue against black gives very poor reading. Your screen shot above illustrates this point for me - the link in the 4th paragraph takes a bit of concentration for my old eyes.

The menu search functionality will be valuable but Scriv won't be the first Windows software to have it, Avid's Sibelius music notation software has had menu search for a few years now.


Lee  /  02 JULY 2019

Thank you for all the effort you and the team put into this! So excited to see the new baby!


Grant_B  /  02 JULY 2019

Exciting news! Craftsmanship is a rare and fine thing. I look forward to appreciating the craftsmanship and design of this software. Thank you.


JamieDons  /  02 JULY 2019

Looking forward to it! Just subscribed for updates.


Sully  /  02 JULY 2019

That's good news and I look forward to purchasing--but please, do not miss another self-imposed deadline. Then, I really will be out of patience.


tonyarmoore  /  03 JULY 2019

Hi! You have probably addressed this question somewhere on your website but I can't seem to locate that info at the moment. I purchased my current copy of Scrivener in October of 2015. Purely for the sake of being properly informed and making sure I'm ready to upgrade when the time comes - when Scrivener 3.0 for Windows is released, will I be required to buy Scrivener anew or purchase an Upgrade? (I imagine there would have to be a cut-off timeframe somewhere as far as being able to upgrade goes and 2015 does seem like an awfully long time ago...)


mpedone  /  03 JULY 2019

Thank you for the update. It does get a little disheartening to see myriad updates come out for the Mac version, while there is very little visible movement on the Windows side. It's easy to think that you've been forgotten. Best of luck hitting that target date - I know committing to that can be a daunting prospect.


OneTrueNobody  /  03 JULY 2019

Glad to know things are still proceeding, and I'm content with the new target release date. As a Windows user, I'm looking forward to working with Scrivener 3 soon!


danalouwho  /  04 JULY 2019

@tonyarmoore no, you don't have to pay for it anew. Anyone who purchased Scrivener for Windows from November 2017 onward gets a free upgrade, and all other Scrivener for Windows users get the upgrade for $25 .


AndrewHarvey  /  05 JULY 2019

OMG - and android is next! That truly made my day. Finding something to edit RTF files on android is a real pain, and the solution takes up a lot of memory (two full and separate productivity suites).

Bit worried about you making the 30 August deadline as you've just had to release two hotfixes for 1.9. Hope you'd left yourself a little bit of wriggle room.

Regards Andrew


JayceE  /  07 JULY 2019

Crossing my fingers for 8/30 release. I don't want to hold my breath, but eighteen months of not being able to use my desktop with its 30" screen because I updated the Mac version and can't go between them has been rough. I really applaud the work you guys have done and love the platform. Hoping that my Labor Day dreams come true.


Adam  /  08 JULY 2019

Thank you for the update guys. I've been using the beta and can't wait for the full release. You guys are doing a great job and I really appreciate you guys working to make the release version the best it can be. To many times software companies push out products that need more time in the oven to meet an arbitrary day. So thank you for not doing that.


Mike  /  09 JULY 2019

Hi Lee, Thx. I really appreciate your honest statement. In times where everybody releases buggy software with missing features, it is a delight seeing people having the guts to delay release dates and focusing on the qualitiy of the software. So thank you and your team for your great effort, I'm sure it is worth it. I'll be looking forward and will buy your software for sure. Thx a lot, Michael

Will Gant

Will Gant  /  11 JULY 2019

As a windows software developer who has already written one book using Scrivener, I feel your pain. I'm just glad to see a developer release a solid product and not allow broken things to be rushed out the door. That's a rare thing and laudable.

Looking forward to the August 30th release. I'm going to use that as motivation to get my current book done quickly.


Toybits  /  12 JULY 2019

It's coming along great and I've been using it happily for a while. I backup a lot more often as it's Beta and I'm paranoid but not had one issue yet.

One question.

The formatting is quite different when you open projects in different versions. Is this down to the OS or will this change.

Or put more simply, Should we choose one version (Mac or Windows) and stick with that on a per project basis?



MQubed  /  12 JULY 2019

Will this Windows version enable us to edit TABLE margins (outside=width, and inside= cell spacing) especially in Screenwriting Format (for Dual Dialogue)?? Please?


narrsd  /  13 JULY 2019

Hallo Lee and Tiho,

Missed this post the first time around, but then this lets me compliment you later


tonyarmoore  /  13 JULY 2019

@danalouwho - Sweet! I can hardly wait :)


jd  /  13 JULY 2019

Looking forward to it! Scriverner 1.x.x is one of the best designed software programs I have used and while the wait has been long, I really appreciate your commitment to releasing version 3 only when it is truly ready. Thanks!

PS. Hoping for a "write book for me feature" :)


Tom  /  15 JULY 2019

Thanks Lee! You guys are rock stars!


fenniPete  /  15 JULY 2019

Glad to hear of the August date. Birthday for me too (few days before, but... hey) - seem to be a few Leo types here. To the complainers, yes, time has passed. But software like this is horribly complex, and all we have to do is plonk down a few $$ and get something that just works.


Scot  /  16 JULY 2019

Thanks for this update and for the fantastic writing tools. I'm going to go home and tell my wife what I want for my birthday present. :)


DemandingLittleWitch  /  16 JULY 2019

I'm a little late to this news. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I'm sure the update will be worth the wait (and cost).

Software releases are a nightmare on the user end too-- what will work, what won't, what went poof... (No, I'm not bitter about the latest Quicken update that lost 4 accounts. Nope. Not at all.) Thank you for pushing the rock and stomping on the bugs. It's not the roaches that will survive the Apocolypse, it's the computer bugs. (Insight courtesy of my husband, who still swears by FORTRAN.) Please thank your team for the collective as well. They are dreaming in code too.


Nyland  /  16 JULY 2019

Thank you. Really looking forward to it.


Frankie  /  17 JULY 2019

Hello Development Team, thank you for all your efforts! Kudos! And good luck!


Dave  /  17 JULY 2019

I have been using the Windows 3 Beta for my latest project and find it an exceptional improvement. Given the Beta warns me that it will expire on July 31st upon opening, and the final version will not be released until August 30th, there is a month (or more) of nail biting in the interim. UGH! Development Team, please take away this angst!


DeepWinter  /  19 JULY 2019

Hey Guys,

This is the sort of update I ( and I'm sure others) have really wanted for a long time now. Typically we see some ultra defensive flaming back and forwards, but this here is more along the lines of what the community needs. Personally what I'd love to see is just a semiregular update with how things are going, and if current ETAs are on track on not, not looking for excuses, I understand development is not easy, its a moving target and it always takes longer than you think.

But instead of blowing past a target and making your community feel like shit for thinking you meant it (some of the posts I've read could almost be decribed as gaslighting your community), if you keep us in the loop we know that, "ok we set the target here, we've made this progress, but we know we have another couple of months more time we need." Its ok to move the goalposts in this here, if your keeping us involved so we understand the progress and feel like things are still happening.

So once again, thanks for this update it is much more in line with what I was hoping to get from you, I'd love it if you can keep up the communication, it doesn't have to be an essay each time (I feel like this needed to be because of the lack of real engagement on progress), but even if its a paragraph every month and even if you don't want to give actual rough estimates on time frame, at least give us something like " ok we are still running to current schedule" or "we've hit a big issue and dev has been pushed by at least 3 months..." to get that sort of information makes us feel included and valued.

I own scrivener and have since about 2016 and I intend to upgrade to this once you guys are happy with a stable release (I'm also super super excited that you have android on the roadmap, even if its probably a year or 2 off). Lots of great and exciting news, so please, please keep up with the community engagement on this so we can continue to support you!


Dollo  /  21 JULY 2019

I'm really happy to hear that. Thank you so much for your hard work and the insightful explanation!


GregNJ  /  22 JULY 2019

I purchased Scrivener for Windows a few months ago and fell in love with it! It was only after I purchased a product about learning Scrivener that I learned how much more the Mac OS version could do. Needless to say, I'm very excited about the release of version 3 for Windows, and want to say Thank You to the development team. I'm sure all of you are working very hard to get this out the door by the end of August. I'm eagerly looking forward to using the new version!

arthur yip

arthur yip  /  23 JULY 2019

greatly appreciate the update and even more excited for the upcoming android version!


Iamking@1  /  30 JULY 2019

30th August 2019 is my birthday . I like it . thanks for your hard working . Scrivener 3 should be perfect , I am so exciting


Iamking@1  /  30 JULY 2019



Jos  /  30 JULY 2019

Thank you for the update. I bought a MacBook Pro in 2018, especcially for Scrivener 3.0. Now i'm in love with Apple too.


enginpost  /  04 AUGUST 2019

The latest beta claims it is valid to use until the end of September. Does that mean that the official version 3 for windows isn't going to be released in August?


AdrianM  /  05 AUGUST 2019

Thanks for the update Lee. I definitely intend to buy the Windows 3 version when it's available. Very pleased to know that it'll be available on Android soon too.


ThaddeusLW  /  08 AUGUST 2019

AWESOME! Thanks so much for the hard work! Can't wait!


AlanK  /  08 AUGUST 2019

Thanks for letting us know - Really looking forward! (not long now =-)


nomid  /  08 AUGUST 2019

Recently switched to Windows. Just now trying out the trial on the software to see if it works for me. Hope to try the trial on the new release coming. Thanks for the information.


Rudi_UK  /  13 AUGUST 2019

Fantastic news. Your incredible hard work is really appreciated. Besides the new functionality, I was always casting an envious eye towards the elegant Mac UI - it sounds trivial but having a pleasing, balanced and intuitive interface is really conducive to creativity. A very pleasant surprise to read about the dark mode too - I do a lot of music writing and virtually all the software vendors have switched to dark mode too - so much easier on the eye.
I am looking forward to spending my money on the upgrade...
Well done guys!


wordsmith  /  13 AUGUST 2019

Lee, can't tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. I confess I never gave Scrivener for Windows a second thought until Dragon abandoned the Mac. Now Scrivener 3.0 for Windows has reached the top of my wish list. All the best to you and the team!


LG  /  14 AUGUST 2019

T-minus 16 days before the putative 30 August 2019 release of Scrivener for Windows 3 and I’m bookmarking this page -- so that I can have a front-row seat when either the usual litany of excuses or dead silence once again emerge as Literature and Latte's proxies for the badly-needed, long-awaited, stable, non-beta, leveled-up version of the various iterations of Scrivener for Windows 1.

Cynical? Sure, but such cynicism is a rational response to *years* of awaiting the promised Scrivener for Windows 3 -- even as other developers’ originally-designed-for-Mac software has progressed through not one but *multiple* new versions for Windows; as the well-intentioned pleas of posters in online tech forums to crowdfund whatever extra help is needed to speed the Scrivener for Windows 3 project are dismissed as risible and impossible; and as unwitting Windows users continue to buy Scrivener on the basis of the *dozens* of online reviews (e.g. I'm looking at you, _PC Mag_) that fail to make clear that the majority of the most useful and impressive features described are available only in Scrivener’s Mac versions.

So scrivener for Windows 3 will be here on 30 August 2019? Oh; okay. I'll believe it when I see it.


Louis the C  /  16 AUGUST 2019

I've registered here just so that I can leave this comment: What's up with all these nasty nasty comments? I'm eagerly awaiting the release of vers.3, but L&L doesn't 'owe' its Windows users anything... nil... nada... zero. In fact, I'd continue happily using my vers.1 even if they were to drop the new version altogether. The current version is still a wonderful product that enables my productivity, and at a very reasonable price point. The fact that a newer and slicker version is forthcoming is just icing on the cake.
I'm embarrassed that I represent a user group (PCs) with so many whiners. Coming from a computer programmer: You try building your own publicly released applications that go well beyond a simple 'Hello World.'
Lastly, my gratitude to LL for their fantastic program, and Godspeed for the development team. Hoping for a timely release on August 30, and if not, looking forward to whenever it will be ready for public use. Thanks!


LG  /  17 AUGUST 2019

@Louis the C, you're quite right that Literature and Latte 'owes' Windows users nothing -- who's arguing that they do? -- but you've neglected to note that Windows users likewise do not 'owe' Literature and Latte undue goodwill given: (a) that the time between Scrivener's Windows exceeds that which industry insiders (including programmers-turned-product-reviewers) consider standard or reasonable and (b) Literature and Latte's short shrift of a long series of previous release dates has made consumer skepticism a matter of rational common sense, not self-indulgent 'whining.'

Speaking of 'whiners,' I'm always amazed that the comments sections of tech discussions like this one invariably contain affronted posts from developers who at once accuse critics of 'whining' and argue that the fathomless difficulties of computer programming should preclude critique. (e.g. "Coming from a computer programmer: You try building your own publicly released applications that go well beyond a simple 'Hello World.'")

Engineering is hard. Brain surgery is hard. Making compelling and beautiful art is hard. Shaping young minds is hard. Yet engineers and neurosurgeons take 'getting it right' so seriously that they submit themselves to stringent professional oversight. Artists accept that whole industries have evolved solely to critique their work. And teachers at both the secondary and the university level submit to peer and student evaluations each semester as a condition of keeping their jobs and/or being promoted. In none of these professions is "But the lay public has no concept of how hard my job is!" a proxy for honest appraisal or an accepted excuse for poor performance. To argue that it should be any different for computer programmers is nothing short of -- well -- whiny, @Louis the C.


DemandingLittleWitch  /  21 AUGUST 2019


Everything you said is reasonable. I'd like to add there's a difference between a well-written complaint and bitter litany of attacks. We're writers. We should be able to voice our displeasure with more than Eff You! Believe it when I see it!!! neener neener. A complaint or counter-argument such as yours is taken seriously and given due consideration. The knee-jerk response of insults (whiners) is not constructive.


HowardC  /  21 AUGUST 2019

Y'all, Scrivener 1 is STILL the best writing program I've ever had, and still completely usable. What's more is that it is STABLE - does anyone ever worry about their work in Scrivener 1? No! We're getting bells and whistles with this new program - and just imagine how sweet it's going to be to transition seamlessly into a working 3rd edition without the headaches of incomplete development.

Thanks for the hard work y'all. Your products have been on point as long as I've been a user (7 years) and having you take the extra time to gold plate your newest work doesn't hurt my feelings at all.


HowardC  /  21 AUGUST 2019

Y'all, Scrivener 1 is STILL the best writing program I've ever had, and still completely usable. What's more is that it is STABLE - does anyone ever worry about their work in Scrivener 1? No! We're getting bells and whistles with this new program - and just imagine how sweet it's going to be to transition seamlessly into a working 3rd edition without the headaches of incomplete development.

Thanks for the hard work y'all. Your products have been on point as long as I've been a user (7 years) and having you take the extra time to gold plate your newest work doesn't hurt my feelings at all.


Brueggie  /  22 AUGUST 2019

You will understand that, after all the delays, I don't believe your estimated release date. I like the software, even in its 1.9 iteration, but I'm angry with the company for its failure to do a decent job on the Windows side of things. Watch with cynical expectation--if that's not a useless oxymoron.


AndrewM  /  24 AUGUST 2019

Engineers? Look up Webb Telescope / Big Dig Etc.
Art? where is the official last book of Song of Fire and Ice?
Medicine? Look up how long it took Australia to get its first Gamma Knife?
Where's my cure for the common cold?
What you seem to not understand is there is Critique, and there is bratty name-calling.
I will let you guess where I have filed your comment.


KarenChristenze  /  25 AUGUST 2019

Fascinating, and encouraging, explanation. Great to hear that Android is already in the workings. Can't wait to use the new Scrivener.


enginpost  /  25 AUGUST 2019

this is the week. Very interesting in hearing if it will be released. The beta was recently updated and says it is good until September 15. This makes me think it won't release on August 30 for windows. I will be pleasantly surprised if it does and immediately upgrade.


heatherb  /  26 AUGUST 2019

I am ccounting the days. I cannot wait until the windows release. Even if there are issues I am ready.


Dali999  /  26 AUGUST 2019

To quote Mick Jagger in 1966's "I am W aiting"

I am waiting, I am waiting
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martijn13  /  28 AUGUST 2019

Thanks for the update. Of course the average user cannot graps how complex programming such an application will be.
No matter what, it will be worth the wait. The current windows version is fantastic so I am excited how an even better version will look like.


Mcoville  /  28 AUGUST 2019

In the immortal words of the great poet, Tom Petty..... "The waiting is the hardest part"

The day after tomorrow can't get here soon enough. It's perfect timing also as I will be starting the 5th book in my scifi series next week and will write it in Scrivener 3 on my Windows computer. Thank you!!!!


Flakes  /  29 AUGUST 2019

I'll be honest. I don't care about 99% of the features. I just want to be able to edit my Mac Scrivner files the 25 days a year when I'm forced to use my laptop


JoshR9  /  29 AUGUST 2019

Here we go... fingers crossed everyone!


Widuro  /  30 AUGUST 2019

The promised day!


JB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

For everyone who still thinks that Win Scriv 3 will be released on the promised day, prepare to be disappointed. Lee slipped this admission into the release notes of Beta 22:


I'm not sure what form his accountability takes. Missing another deadline doesn't seem to cause him any grief. And since Lee has now decisively proven that his promises are meaningless, his "a few weeks away" estimate is not to be believed either. The only real question is how many months his "few weeks" will turn out to be. I'll be surprised if Win Scriv 3 is released in 2019 at all.


JB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Let me try again and see if my quote will stick.

For everyone who still thinks that Win Scriv 3 will be released on the promised day, prepare to be disappointed. Lee slipped this admission into the release notes of Beta 22:

"We have made significant progress with this release; however, I don't believe it would be prudent to release on my announced target date of the 31st August 2019."

He goes on to say: "
I personally take accountability for not hitting the 31st August 2019 date. I do believe we are a matter of a few weeks away now - I'm certainly not talking months. "

I'm not sure what form his accountability takes. Missing another deadline doesn't seem to cause him any grief. And since Lee has now decisively proven that his promises are meaningless, his "a few weeks away" estimate is not to be believed either. The only real question is how many months his "few weeks" will turn out to be. I'll be surprised in Win Scriv 3 is released in 2019 at all.


jpj  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I think the honest thing would be to give up already. To admit they cannot deliver on their promise, as they did on Linux and compensate WIndows users.


Zwolf  /  30 AUGUST 2019

There is no such thing as 'perfect' software. After all, you released version 3 for the Mac, and look how many updates you've had to release since then. I'd be surprised if you're getting an inordinate number of complaints about that. If perfection is what you're aiming for before releasing Scrivener 3 for Windows, then I'll just accept the idea that we'll never see it.

In my opinion, these delays have gone far beyond the bounds of reason! Like several others I have noticed, I've been using the progressive beta releases without any issues whatsoever. I realize there may be bugs and shortcomings, but I have experienced none, and have yet to see a recent comment that exposes a single one (granted, I haven't painstakingly combed through the forums looking for such). Nevertheless, I believe you're now suffering from a growing credibility problem.
I see two solutions to this problem; One, proceed with releasing the software immediately, realizing that probably 97% of users will fully understand there will be bug fix and feature addition/enhancement releases ongoing. OR, provide a detailed list of the things you're tying to perfect that are preventing you from feeling comfortable about releasing it. In lieu of keeping your promises, I feel one of these would be the least you would do.
The great Vince Lombardi once said, "Perfection is not attainable. But, if we chase perfection, we will catch excellence." The Scrivener beta releases I have been using are already excellent...release it already.


slicksloth666  /  30 AUGUST 2019

The promised day is here and there is another delay!



slicksloth666  /  30 AUGUST 2019

in the comments below this to get Lee comfortable enough to tell us Scrivener is not coming out till the US general election....


MVH  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Question: "I personally take accountability for not hitting the 31st August 2019 date." How is Lee taking responsibility? Just saying it doesn't mean a thing. Is he taking a pay cut? Loosing vacation time? Losing something else of any substance? Obviously, his pride of keeping his word was shot a long time ago. Speaking as someone who does a bit of programming as part of his job (not my whole job, just enough to get things done ... on time, by the way) this seems like a pretty simple job for a "real" programmer. It's not like you are programming some dynamic weather simulation or anything that complex. It's a series of linked text boxes basically. Obviously, I don't know all the ins and outs, but it really looks to be pretty basic stuff. Perhaps you should think about hiring an out-of-work programmer who maybe knows something about Windows ... just a thought. Now THAT would be taking accountability. Words are meaningless. Excuses are meaningless. If I missed deadlines like you guys, I'd have been out of a job a long time ago. "Programming is hard stuff" ... please! You've more than enough time to get this done. Wow.


KB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

@Zwolf: We're not after perfection, and your question is reasonable. Here are the main things holding us back, which Lee is working furiously on: 1) There are several whole panes in Compile and project preferences that are essentially just placeholders at the moment and are not hooked up. We can't release software with checkboxes that do nothing. 2) Footnotes are not working at all. 3) Styles are not working as they should in Compile. These are fundamental to the design of how Compile in v3 works so we can't release until this is fixed. I'm really sorry about yet another delay. There's really not much else I can say as I can't disagree with those saying that we have damaged our own credibility with missing each of our own projected release dates. We have.


jpj  /  30 AUGUST 2019

@KB I really love your product, and I think that you're a nice company but please already.

From outside it seems your shooting yourselves in the foot due to some loyalty issues to someone who's not up to the task. As @MVH as have said any other programmer would've been out of a job a long time ago. I add any other company would've ditched the proyect as well. Maybe it's time you bring some new blood.


Zwolf  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Thanks for the update, and I agree, it wouldn't be prudent to release the software with those particular issues outstanding.


KDM  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I've kept quiet through the first several delays. But this is the most frustrating thing EVER. It sounds to me like you don't want or care about your Windows customers at all. WHY would you not hire someone versed in Windows applications?! Why not swallow your pride and get this done properly or at least release one of the better beta versions as you continue to fine-tune things? Are these unlinked checkboxes an issue in the beta versions? Not that I've seen... So why is it in issue in holding up the release of the full version? Was the Mac version "perfect" when it was released? Or were issues still found after its release? (Hint: you've released several updates, and that version still isn't "perfect".) Stop snubbing your nose at your Windows customers. It's insulting.


riverdragon  /  30 AUGUST 2019

How do we go about getting refunds? I have literally put off writing because I can't sync between my new main writing tool, a Surface Pro, and my old writing tool that I still use when I'm home at my desk, my Mac. At this point, I'm ready to just use MarkDown and a plain text editor so I won't ever be held hostage by development teams that repeatedly miss deadlines, not by weeks, or months, but at this point, over a year. Seriously; where do I get my refund?


KB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

@KDM Yes those things have been an issue throughout the betas too - perhaps you haven’t needed to compile your work yet, or perhaps you haven’t needed anything more than a basic compile?

@riverdale You can email us for a refund if you purchased within the past 30 days.


DMJ  /  30 AUGUST 2019

@riverdragon You can still sync between Scrivener 3 on macOS and our current iteration of Scrivener on Windows. There is no need to put off writing because you're waiting for the release of Scrivener 3 on Windows. Please use 'File > Export > as Scrivener 2 Project...' in Scrivener 3 for macOS and open that project in Scrivener on Windows. We've naturally never held any of our users hostage, as there are plenty of formats that you can compile your writing out of Scrivener to. Scrivener licensing has never been sold on the basis of future development either. You are purchasing a licence for our current version, so we'd urge users to be happy with our free trial before buying a licence.
All the best, David.


michgri  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I get it. It's disappointing. I was hoping to be using Scrivener 3 on Windows this weekend, too.

But this is a software project. Software projects run late--it's an industry joke. When I was a sysadmin I was always waiting on the developers.

They have a usable beta, and (although it's admittedly not very convenient) you can still import and export between the current Mac and Windows versions. I've done it. It'll be out soon enough, and it'll save us all a lot of headaches if they ship a stable version.

I do think another update similar to the one Lee gave at the top of the page would be useful for setting expectations.


poercelain  /  30 AUGUST 2019

It's so disappointing. It's like we're a joke to you. I was waiting for Scrivener 3 to go out but at this point I prefer some other text editor and forget about this. It's so sad and unprofessional that Windows users are so underestimated.


qantens  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I think this is going to be really awesome when it's ready. The beta seems so cool. I'm sending good vibes to the developer, and I signed up below for email notifications so I'll hear when it's done. :)


Ralf_the_Wise_and_Powerful  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Alrighty Folks, the deadline whizzed past again. It made a familiar "whoosh" as it went by.


The current version of Scrivener for Windows still works just fine, albeit without some of the cool features enjoyed by Mac users. I can still get my writing done, I can still publish, and my work is still archived and indexed as usual.

I'm not one of those Windows users who will get the free upgrade - I've been using the software for too long (*sigh*), but I'm going to pony up the money to upgrade. I'm confident that it will happen before I die.

I'll check in again in a month. :)


MBeccaro  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I can't wait for half life 3... oh, wait...


TheMdrnSamurai  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I am one of those folks who own a license to this from long ago . A license I purchased on the strength of the idea that 3 for windows would be coming "soon". I kept some faith throughout the delays,,, but this is the update that has me thinking to just stay with the tool I have been using as an "interim" workhorse.

Why? Because this update is deeply distressing to me. I am sure this is old news to those folks who have been in is community - but it is new info to me:

(a) there is really only one developer working on this
(b) the technology foundation of this software is fundamentally broken
(c) as a company, you guys really just don't understand windows as a target environment

No offense, and I get that you are trying to hang on to a legacy codebase and work within the skill set of your tech team, but the path you have taken here is... sub-optimal is the most polite way I can imagine it. That means, this release will be late (obviously) but that future releases will also be late... and potentially very broken.

I am not a writer for a living... I am a software developer and consultant to pay the bills, and have been for about 35 years. I work on the cloud, on Windows, on Mac and on Linux. I feel your pain and you have my sympathies... software IS hard, but it absolutely isn't impossible. Obviously I am on the outside, but it seems to me you you are about a year late to actually figure out why your technology process is so deeply broken and take on a real honest look at moving to a new foundation.

You have my understanding and my sympathy, but there is simply no way I can trust this tool, even if V3 limps out.




KB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

@TheMdrnSamurai Ken, fair enough, but I would say that it's quite normal for only one developer to work on independent software. I'm the sole developer of Scrivener for macOS, Scrivener for iOS and Scapple for iOS (although I admit I'm a bit overstretched these days and am looking for another developer). You'll find the same thing with many other indie software companies. The Windows version actually has two developers - Lee and Tiho. I'm not sure what you mean about a legacy codebase and the technology foundation being fundamentally broken.

@MVH: Although I understand your frustration, to say that Scrivener is just a "series of linked text boxes" and "pretty basic" is way off the mark. Scrivener contains hundreds of thousands of lines of code. On the Mac version, the Compile code alone is around the same size as the entire iOS app code - Compile is essentially a very complex sub-app to itself, having to take *any* project structure and translate it into *any* format in many file formats (and of course each file format needs a converter writing). I'm not excusing us missing another deadline - your and everyone else's frustration is entirely understandable there - but I am saying that coding Scrivener is not as easy as you think. Even Scapple, a very simple app to use, has some very complicated and lengthy code on the inside - sometimes making something look simple is incredibly difficult (a fight we continue to fight with Scrivener).

Also - I do agree that there should have been a blog post up about the delay earlier. There should have been one and hopefully Lee will have it up soon.


MVH  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Sorry Lee, not entirely buying the "you don't know how hard this is" argument when you are talking about conversion to *any* format. I use Calibre and it does all the conversions just fine to probably many more formats than Scrivner. AND, he offers his program for FREE. One guy, doing all of his development and he gets it done with continual updates to improve the way it works. I'm not saying that your programs do the same thing, but this guy just gets it done. Oh, yeah, for Linux too. Perhaps you need to hire this guy to do some of your conversion work if that is what's ENDLESSLY holding this up.

I agree with many of the (non-fanboy) posters, you really don't seem to care much about the Windows users. Although I don't know how many Mac users you have, but, new flash, there are a hell of a lot more PCs out their that you could be capitalizing on. It just a shame that you don't seem to want to fix this glaring issue. Pity.


KB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I'm Keith, not Lee; I'm the Mac developer, not the Windows developer. And sorry, but I know what I'm talking about since I coded it. Writing a converter is not simple. Years of programming have gone into Calibre too; it's that programmer's decision to give it away for free and has no bearing on how much work has gone into it. But I'm not going to try to persuade you that coding is difficult and complex, since you're clearly going to believe what you want anyway. And I was very clear that people have every right to be frustrated and angry about how we've handled the Windows release - it's just that you are very wrong about what it takes to build something like Scrivener.


Northern_light  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I imagine the fiasco with your licence payments and licence provider didn't help with the Windows development. I figured then that this would mean a delay. But communication is everything. A blog post should have been put out. Coming to the forum to find the info is poor form.

I've coded and it's complex stuff. I've spent long days fixing and troubleshooting bugs and trying to make multiple functions work seamlessly together. And this software is feature rich, I have experienced that.

If Lee or Tiho burns out, then that's no good to anyone. It takes as long as it takes. LL has my support. I still think you are the best in your field in the market and in the end, that kind of credibility isn't easily eroded. Good luck getting over the line.


Clay  /  30 AUGUST 2019

@KB Being a software developer myself, I've learned it's always better to make sure your final product is as polished as can be even if it means waiting a little bit. I tried the beta and you guys have made an amazing product, and I can appreciate how much work and effort is required for making something like this. I'm glad you guys are giving it the time it needs, and happy that you're making this software in the first place.

Best of luck, scrivener team!


JayceE  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I'm just really disappointed right now. The whole reason I bought Scrivener years ago was because I could use it on two platforms. For almost two years now, since I was stupid and updated the Mac version, thinking the Windows would be right behind it, I've been unable to do so. Oh, sure, I could export the project as a Scrivener 2 for the PC, then import it back to the Mac, and how many copies of my project would I end up with with all the backups? Madness. I knew it was a pipe dream that it'd be ready today, but it's 2pm ET and there's still no blog post even up. When the betas started they said not to use if you have a legit project you're working on, and everything I'm writing is contracted and on deadline. So what do I do? If anything, just really upset with myself for upgrading. As much as I like 3, it's not worth not having been able to do proper storyboarding and work with my desktop for two years.


JA  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Keith, Thanks for taking time to comment on the threads.Scrivener is a great product! You guys are a great company! Keep up the excellent work, stick to your principles. Those of us that love the product will be here for you. I personally think you guys sell Scrivener too cheaply. Don't take any of the criticism to heart (same for Lee) . Just feed us status updates as often as you can.


SvenGG  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Is Scrivener 3 for Windows coming out today? The store still says it will be a future update for new customers (I'm an old customer so I just need to buy 3, not re-buy 1 or 2 or whatever the current bersion is called).


melon  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I feel what's most frustrating about this is that the issue behind the delay sounds significant and the fact that a release date was announced knowing this issue and knowing it probably would not have been resolved is upsetting people. Once you made a date public, there needs to be more transparency behind anything happening.

I would advise against publicising any date at all until the program is dead-done-ready-to-launch. It seems like this is a recurring thing and it does nothing to build trust and faith in a company and reduces the liklihood anyone will want to invest in your other applications regardless of their usefulness. If you can't hold yourselves to your own dates, how can I expect that your subscription service will be worth paying for?

I can understand both sides, but this is literally a situation that was manufactured by L&L by announcing a release date, failing to communicate after, and then trying to let the thing blow over without a shred of explanation.


JB  /  30 AUGUST 2019

I appreciate your sincere apology and your willingness to take the flack that Lee should be facing today.

However, I'd like to see something more concrete in the way of making amends to Windows users for your continual missing of targets and for being two years late and counting. Here's what I suggest:

1. Halt ALL Mac development until Win Scriv 3 is released and for six months thereafter.
2. Any future features should be released to Windows AT THE SAME TIME and if the Windows version isn't ready, then the Mac version should be held back until it is.

Two simple things you can do to show that you care about the Windows side of your business. Are you willing to do this?

I fear the answer is no -- please prove me wrong.


Fat Charlie  /  30 AUGUST 2019

Having just seen the the most recent post - confirming a delay - I can't help but wonder at two things:

1. The gaps in some functionality that remain (compile, footnotes, etc);
2. The earlier blog post where emulation of the Mac menu system was being discussed.

To the good people at L&L I would just say: replicating a Mac OS feature is not creating an equivalent Windows product; it's 'feature creep' in the broadest sense. What people wanted was to be able to have compatible files they could work through both a Mac and Windows machine - not building in over-burdening OS features in the name of equivalence. It's your app and your choice but this is starting to burn some goodwill and when I read about what's still not right with the new app and what you've apparently included then I think you're in need of making some tougher decisions about what you should be targeting as the end product.

Lee Powell

Lee Powell  /  31 AUGUST 2019

I'm sorry that some folks are so upset by the fact that we have been delayed delivering Scrivener for Windows. I take 100% responsibility for that - it was entirely my call to set a date. I believed we'd be ready, but despite our best efforts we were not. Tiho and I did our absolutely best to hit the 31st Aug date and it wasn't enough. No amount of excuses or grovelling will cut it now - only delivery counts! So, Tiho and I will continue to work around the clock to get Scrivener out the door.


enginpost  /  31 AUGUST 2019

@Lee Powell - launch targets are just that: targets. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know how the word really works. On behalf of all of your excited product fans, thank you for your hard work. I am not about to switch to another product. I continue to passionately await the new Windows version. Good luck and God bless to you who are busy whacking bugs. Please, do not pull all-nighters to get to some arbitrary launch date. I cannot speak for everyone, but I would rather you be rested, rational, and ready to tackle coding issues in a quality manner as you embark on the final elements here. May your backlog be clear, your scope not creep, and your programming kungfu be strong!


MBeccaro  /  31 AUGUST 2019

I don't mind the delay, but saying "day X this will be fixed" followed by "there's stuff here we don't know how to fix yet" screams one of two scenarios: hard roadblocks that maybe need a new pair of eyes and/or new bugs discovered meanwhile. Do "we" need more devs or more beta testers?


enginpost  /  31 AUGUST 2019

@Lee - keep your head up. You are killing it! Be encouraged. Take a deep breath. Don't give up. You are building something awesome. The groundswell of interest proves it. Hang in there. This is not an open-source product with armchair developers looking over your shoulder demanding more from you. We just want what you are doing to be a success.

I am a developer with over 20 legit hands-on years of programming. And I am not talking about the easy stuff like HTML5 and CSS3 and jQuery. I am talking about C, and Java, and VB, and C#, and PHP, etc. These days I teach teams all over the world to abandon waterfall project management and embrace iterative agile scrum/kanban frameworks for empowered development.As an enterprise coach today, I cannot tell you how many hundreds of team members I have coached on many different continents and how many thousands of customers and millions of dollars I have seen invested in making software what it is today. And none of it is driven to success by frustrated clients yelling, "more! faster!" Their passion is what matters, not their words. Let their genuine passion and interest in your work drive you to peacefully find one answer at a time, incrementally adding value every step of the way. Don't destroy yourself this weekend like you have to rush right back into sprinting a marathon. It isn't worth it. You know what is ahead. We do not. We are only excited about what is next.

We ARE going to celebrate you and Tiho on the other side of this. It will be done when it is done and not a minute sooner (#reality). You really don't owe us stories or updates. We want them, sure, but we are not owed them. If you share anything, share your successes. Don't make guesses about when stuff might get done, or anything else. It doesn't matter how small. If you are excited about having solved something critical and you WANT to share it, go for it. We will celebrate with you. And if you just want to write the code and figure stuff out and reveal it when it is ready, do that. We will be here.

I am excited about Scrivner. I can do in it what I need to today. And when the new version comes out, one of my favorite tools will suddenly just be even more amazing.


killinmesmalls  /  31 AUGUST 2019

Can we crowdsource this somehow? Gather a team of Avengers-esque software-developer dynamos and help this project out? Because I'm exquisitely frustrated by this, ANOTHER delay....
I can understand there are significant hiccups and developmental things that just actually take an inhuman amount of human hours, but man, you laid it out there "from the horse's mouth," and I invested my anticipation to that deadline. And then, this not being the first time?
Scrivener, we need to talk.
It's not me, it's you.
I love you, but you're bringing me down.

*plot twist,
I'm hooked on your software and will just grudgingly continue my thesis and book project in your V.1.999999999999 software
I'm giving ya mad side eyes...


Billy T  /  03 SEPTEMBER 2019

Ok guys. It's seems pretty clear from the comments above that you have passed from a loyal group of users, to a skeptical group. After this many delays the confidence of this coming to pass seems less and less each day. You seem to have fallen into the author tendency of "going to have the final manuscript to you next week." Luckily, I use both the Mac and the Windows format so I have pretty much realized the Windows version is not happening in my lifetime. Not sure what's going on, I'm not a developer, but there are some basic courtesies you are lacking when it comes to your users, especially those bought a Windows lisc assuming this release would have come months ago. Not posting a word until the deadline and then giving a "sorry, we missed the deadline..." is not treating your users right. I am very disappointed in the business model you have adopted. The Mac version is wonderful. One last thing. It is a shame that I have a Mac and a Windows Lisc but can't even use the Windows version because it doesn't synch. Maybe you should consider a fix that would synch the current platforms and shot for a v4 that would bring them both together. Either way, it's very disappointing, move toward ridiculous,


MD  /  04 SEPTEMBER 2019

I bought this product in October 2017 in preparation for NaNoWriMo. I missed the deadline for the free upgrade by a few days. I was told "no, you can't update for free" and the response was RUDE too. Like a few days...10/24/17 in fact. Well, I was peeved. They said, "well, it'll be out really soon".

Yeah. No. That was the reasoning that they gave me for not allowing me to upgrade free. It'll be out soon. Soon? Two years later and no end in sight? That isn't soon.

Last year on twitter I asked what the hold up was? Got brushed off and told "it's complicated". That isn' answer. That to me screamed unprofessional, but at this point to me, it clearly doesn't matter to them. They have a captive MAC audience.

So why these "new" bugs. They had to have known they existed right? Why did they think August 31st would be a good date to say? I get there can be problems, but if you know it's going to be a big problem why announce a date you're not sure of?

I got this software because it was a super creative idea, but the absolutely terrible customer service (abysmal at best) and the continual delays make me think that this product is never going to be ready to go.

Highly irritating and especially disappointing.

Also, I dislike the responses that we seem to be getting from the creators on here. They come off as very antagonistic when you ask questions or bring up valid points. I get some people are a bit rude -- but two years? Constantly being told soon? It is very wearing and it is grating. It is BAD.

I agree, problems happen, yes, and I didn't expect this out on time, but the question is, can they keep their promises and update us with what is going on? Because hey, I'd like to know exactly what the hold-ups are and what is causing it to take so long.

My two cents on this: if we get this program before 2020, hurrah. If we don't, it won't be a great surprise.


Xyg  /  05 SEPTEMBER 2019

There will always be bugs that need to be ironed out, and there will always be missed deadlines, it's a part of business. But you guys really fell down because you didn't keep in touch with your users. Yolu should have communicated the issues and the fact that you knew you were going to miss the deadlines-ahead of time. And you should have a place where there is a regular update so we know where we can go to get what's going on. Your product is very good, and there really isn't that much competition out there, but you've shown potential competitors that you aren't managing it right. Your clients, including me, are angry, and don't like the fact that we need your product and yet, are being treated this way. The failing to hit deadlines is bad enough-but you really blew it with customer relations. Badly.


wickedmouthful  /  06 SEPTEMBER 2019

That is exactly the same thing that happened to be. I purchased on 10/21/2017, was told there was no way I could upgrade when v3 comes out, and ASSURED the update would be out soon. Two years later, and not only is there no update, but communication with users is so poor over the years that I'm surprised when there are any blog posts at all.


e.leicht  /  08 SEPTEMBER 2019

Hey guys,

what has been said in another blog post and what I will repeat here is:
Your "let's make it cheap for everyone"-attitude kills your own product.

To summarize possibly all the comments above: It doesn't matter when your deadline is or how hard it is to reach . No one cares for real. It's nice to read (I'm a SW developer btw, so actually really honest text), but I don't want to cuddle, I need to get stuff done -> with your product.

Could you please, for gods sake, increase the price to a reasonable level which enables your company (you're not "friends" or "folks" or a "community", you deliver SW, you're a company) to finish the SW at some point?
You need more developers, probably a new PR manager and a product manager (or owner like in scrum) that cares for maximizing value. You ARE indeed whining about the business itself, at a point where everyone is already disappointed. So are you really astonished why people complain? It's not the content of your blog post - it's the time and the attitude behind it.
Can I please pay 120,- Euros, but get a proper SW made by a proper SW team in time? Keep some free version or a 30,- bucks version, I don't care. But AUTHORS that need to get stuff done (!!) RELY on your product, so I can't emphasize this more: Make them pay your effort, and have others sneek into your product with a reduced-value-reduced-price option.

Stop being the small startup of people "who wanted to have the best writing software blabla" and start being a professional company.


theo  /  14 SEPTEMBER 2019

Folks -- Please ignore all the haters and skeptics who've posted above. Things take time. It sounds like you're doing good work and chasing a challenging and evolving target. I'm looking forward to the release when it's available!


taaaylor  /  23 SEPTEMBER 2019

I have been a scrivener user for the past 6 years. I have faith in this company and their dedication to creating a usable and useful product. It's depressing seeing this team get so much negative feedback, but I promise there are plenty of us content to wait because scrivener is worth waiting for. There are plenty of alternatives out there for people who just can't wait.

(Hint: they're not half as good as scrivener, and the only ones that are comparable are far more expensive.)

Thank you for taking the time to make a quality product at a price point that's accessible for all writers.


Sully  /  25 SEPTEMBER 2019

What I'm finding frustrating is the lack of communication. I understand delays; I work in the software industry, too. But we're nearly the same distance past the missed deadline as when it was set, and there has not been a progress report. Please, folks, stop exasperating us and share some insights.


AaronGB  /  26 SEPTEMBER 2019

Hi team and Lee and Keith,

Hope your days are going smooth,

I am incredibly excited about Scrivener 3 for Windows as I do not unfortunately have a mac or ios device. I purchased Scrivener about 11 months ago, happy with what was on offer on the original windows app. It is truly remarkable how far the development has gone in comparison to how long the mac version has been developed for and is testament to the team for their hard work. When the going gets tough, it's about the fortitude in character and the positive attitude which you have shown. I am excited and nervous about what can be achieved with your Windows Scrivener 3 will be for my writing journey, but I believe in you all.

Many thanks,


JC  /  07 OCTOBER 2019

Hello folks, Any update on how things are going? Any good news for us soon? Just a few words saying that you are progressing well would make us happy.


Xyg  /  08 OCTOBER 2019

someone should tell your manager that complete silence is not really a great strategy. it smacks of either disregard for the customer, or an arrogance that you can do whatever you want because you have the only product that people want. sounds like a Nokia type of situation. and if neither, then complete disarray. personally, I'm extremely angry that you don't even give us a progress report.


Jae  /  18 OCTOBER 2019

I understand not wanting to issue another date, but total silence is petulant. Please tell us something about your progress so we can make budget and planning decisions regarding your product.


DaKrakken  /  21 OCTOBER 2019

Fellow "waiters" & developers,

I too am frustrated as the 3.0 version for Windows is reaching Vaporware status. Given my 23 years of development and project manager experience, I think that the developers need a project manager. The project manager should create a project plan which has multiple release points, first a working release. Then release functionality in manageable "chunks" based on priority. There is obviously a lot of scope-creep going on.and HARD delivery dates should fix this problem.

I would gladly take on this role for free if needed.

Eric Tellefsen


Francisco  /  22 OCTOBER 2019

A date please.


iamtowrite  /  28 OCTOBER 2019

KB, your silence is deafening. I've been waiting for almost a year, and as many other poor souls, I made a puchase of in anticipation of version 3.

Would you be able to deliver your latest promise and release the damned thing before it is "months", in plural?


nmwallace  /  29 OCTOBER 2019

I understand that there are delays and unexpected hiccups in any project; I'd just like to know what the status is. I use Scrivener on three different platforms: Mac, Windows, and iOS. Since different versions aren't cross-compatible, I can't update to 3 on the Mac until 3 is available for Windows--which means I can't upgrade to Catalina. That's not a huge problem at the moment, but if this stretches out for much longer it will be. Some kind of an update would be appreciated.


Zwolf  /  02 NOVEMBER 2019

There comes a time when hope must give way to realistic thinking. At this point, there's absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep believing there will be a Scrivener 3.x for Windows in the reasonably foreseeable future.
Scrivener 2.x is perfectly capable of allowing you to start new works and finish your current works. If you're delaying starting or completing works in progress in hope of finishing them in the now imaginary vaporware called Scrivener 3.x, it's long past time to stop.
I have read about the issues that have delayed release and I believe they are legitimate, but I also believe the project of refining a Windows version of the program to the point at which L&L feels comfortable releasing it has turned out to be beyond their ambitions.
So, If Scrivener 3.x does manage to release before the sun goes supernova, that will be great. I'm not saying it's not. What I am saying is that it's well past time to stop hoping for it and letting that hope influence your writing progress. Stop buying in to the endless excuses, promises and silent periods. It'll be a serendipity should 3.x actually materialize, but you'll save yourself a lot of frustration and wasted hope if you just accept the obvious reality.
As much as it pains me to say it, it's time to move on. Either stick with Scrivener 1.9x, or look into something else. SmartEdit Writer seems like a good option, which I plan to investigate immediately. I am also deleting the bookmark I have to the Scrivener release page. The number of disappointments I can bear has exceeded reasonable limits.


Brojon  /  02 NOVEMBER 2019

I've been a software engineer for decades and it appears to me that the Windows version of Scrivener suffers from a tightly coupled design. Where this can be great for performance it means the Law of Unintended Consequences carries a lot more weight when making changes.
It is absolutely inconceivable that at this stage of development there should be any danger of structural changes sufficient to endanger previous data.
In other words if you're making these types of structural changes you are in trouble.
I'm quite sure that it's too late to go back and make deep structural changes but for goodness sake - draw that line in the sand where you call it feature complete and put it out - then update to feature parity. You certainly aren't tethering Apple users to a 3 month leash.
I think the part that annoys and bothers me the most is seeing new versions popping up for tablets and such on iOS. Windows is being treated like a red-headed step child when of all the platforms it offers the most freedom. With Catalina you can no longer sideload apps - they have to have Apple's magic stamp of approval and presented through their AppStore. I'm just annoyed that Apple and even Linux seem to be getting all the love.


Xyg  /  05 NOVEMBER 2019

unbelievable, not even an attempt to acknowledge or explain. complete shutdown. and on the twitter page, life goes on for mac alone as if the windows issue didn't exist. what is particularly galling is that we're being completely ignored. they've forgotten about this page, they should have taken it down, because it's all negative. it's an insult because they don't even acknowledge their windows users.
nothing but arrogance or complete incompetence.
and we continue to post comments, like the morons we are....
you guys don't have a clue as to how to run a business


Francisco  /  13 NOVEMBER 2019

There have been unfulfilled promises, but they have apologized. I appreciate it.
Months have passed since the announcement of the upcoming release of the revamped version of its wonderful software and while I waited I finished a book and worked on three others.
Obviously, I don't need a new version of Scrivener, with what it does today, it's more than enough for me.
However, it is so much the appreciation that I feel for him, that I feel very grateful to his developers and gladly pay for the update, because I support the effort they make to enjoy living my passion.
If it takes another 10 months or a few years to see an improved version of Scrivener for Windows, your reasons will be.
I only ask that as a loyal customer that I am, send me an email communicating, so that I can participate in the party.
I have not been pleasant to read the disagreements that other users expose with their reason.
I recognize that it goes from expectation to disappointment. I thought I would soon release a new model of the Writing Program that I appreciate most. It was exciting to have a date to have it on my Machine. More never happened ... days, weeks, months passed and in the end, I realize that I don't need a Scrivener 3.
I am still a convinced customer of the power of your Software. I gladly support the update when I leave. Take the time you need. It is clear that they are facing a real problem and that they have not speculated on the release date to sell more. This has played against him and there are many disappointed customers.
Please send me an Email, when Scrivener 3 for Windows is available, I will gladly pay the corresponding fee.
Until then.


writer  /  23 DECEMBER 2019

look in to my case:
I'm writing in a Unicode language. only scrivener 3 supports it. i tested it's beta and after read this blog post, i bought it.
rest all you know.
now i want my money back. they rejected and says, 30 days refund period was over.
. great professionalism.


JB  /  02 JANUARY 2020

Welcome to 2020.

L&L has been actively developing Win Scriv 3 since 2012 *... eight years and still no v3 release. We've ticked over into month 5 of Lee's "few more weeks, certainly not months." L&L maintains radio silence on any potential release plans since they're incapable of meeting their own deadlines. Yet they still arrogantly assume that when (or if) they finally get around to releasing it there will still be a Windows market left for them to sell it to.

Two years ago I would have eagerly handed over my money. A year ago I would still have updated promptly. Now? I've lost interest. I won't be updating even if they do get their shit together sometime this year. I'm done with Scrivener.

* Just in case someone thinks I'm making that up, go take a journey through the depths of the Windows forum.


eggybread  /  13 FEBRUARY 2020

Hey! It's February now! 2020!
Like others, I'm keen for v3 for Windows to come out.
Not urgent for me, it's more the "quality of life" things and a cleaner UI.
Any news on a stable update release or is this really Half-Life 3 at this point? Or worse, Duke Nukem Forever.
Cheers, me old.


Sniffy  /  22 FEBRUARY 2020

What a complete sh*tshow. This level of mute condescension to your customer base doesn't even rise to the level of amateur hour. We understand delays. What we don't understand is why you can't post an occasional status update.

I much as I hate myself for it, I may actually end up paying for v3. But even if I do, as both a company and as individuals making decisions about how to be owners of that business, you have exactly zero social capital with me at this point. You may get my money, but all the goodwill I once felt for the company and the product is gone.


DaClaymore  /  27 FEBRUARY 2020

February the 27.
Still no word, no information, nothing.
I understand that programming does take effort and time. But this is just unacceptable by now.
You are trying to sell a product to a customer, not pitching a fix idea to your grandma. Hell, you actually did sell a product and announced upgrades that never happened which makes it even worse.
By now, all we can hope for, is to get some sort of reaction from you guys, as to whether v3 is coming to windows at all.
It seems to me, that you are not acknowledging the fact, that there are other competitors, that you are not the only ones trying to populate the given market.
There´s Papyrus, Patchwork, Dramaqueen. At this point it doesn't even matter how much more those cost. They are delivering their product, no matter the price. Which is more than the windows community can say about Scrivener v3.
It seems like you realized that by now and simply gave up, cause otherwise there is no damn way a professional would still keep silent about such a mess for that long. There is just no way.
If I am wrong and there is something you want to tell us, please, do so now.
We do want to purchase Scrivener. We chose you over your competitors. It is time you chose us too!!


fdarbe  /  24 APRIL 2020

As old as I am, I intend to stick around until I can use Scrivener 3.0 for windows. to write a novella.

Gives me something to live for.


Zonka17  /  26 APRIL 2020

Surely by now we have to be getting close to a release. Right, guys?


HyperStructure  /  28 APRIL 2020

Well Zonka, The Beta Release Candidate 5 expires 31st May 2020. So maybe there will be an official release in June OR we get Beta Release Candidate #6.


Cerefym  /  29 MAY 2020

Very informative and easily explained. Thank you very much for the information.


Cerefym  /  29 MAY 2020

Very good and high quality text with great tips. Thank you very much, it is important to me.


Cerefym  /  29 MAY 2020


MBeccaro  /  11 JUNE 2020

This thing is so dead the last 3 comments (Cerefym, from may/20) are phishing links put there by a bot and no one even cleaned it up.
Scrivener entered Beta Release Candidate 6 (expires 30th June 2020)

By now we're just eating popcorn waiting to see what will end first: Scrivener development or humanity.
Also, shame on us for listening to a horse.


ivanpope  /  08 JULY 2020

Anyone who lived through the long long long wait for the Mac iOS version of Scrivener will recognise howthis plays out. The Mac iOS version of Scrivener has been a godsend to me despite the long wait.


strawberrybilwboar  /  09 JULY 2020

Still beta?
Jul 09, 2020


eggybread  /  09 JULY 2020

And still no comment from devs on any kind of update. Thought maybe they didn't check this thread, so checked the blog The last update on that about Win version update was 28 Nov 2019.


Michael E. Thom  /  13 AUGUST 2020

Looks like we'll see George RR Martin's Winds of Winter before we hear anything on Scrivener 3 for windows. Wow! I don't get it. At least acknowledge your Windows customers who've spent money on your products.


iang_106  /  23 AUGUST 2020

Now one year after your commitment should have resulted in a shiny new Scrivener 3 for Windows users, still nothing. The last official statement came out in October 2019. I love this tool so much, but damn you all hate Windows users. A whole year after you have failed in your commitment, your Windows users deserve something, a statement that will give us a little bit more hope. Acknowledge the people who have spent their hard-earned money on a Windows version of Scrivener. I'd bet a Half-Life 3 will be released from Valve before Scrivener 3 for Windows is.


Rufio  /  16 SEPTEMBER 2020

Man this hasn't aged well - I love Scrivener as much as the rest of you but the comms here have been WOEFUL. Lols.

Even just a crappy little update/blog post would have been order of the day and asauged 99% of things.

I'm sure you have a reason for it, but that reason is objectively bad.
Thanks! Looking forward to 3.0 on Win in 2026!


kitemi  /  08 OCTOBER 2020

Any news???


eggybread  /  08 OCTOBER 2020

To be honest, I don't think we're ever going to get any news. Or, a v3.0 will finally collapse over the line but unsupported from that point on apart from bug fixes (no more features). Then they'll concentrate solely on the Mac version. That seems the best course for them because they clearly cannot support both platforms.
I'm moving to Papyrus for future projects.


Cade  /  04 JANUARY 2021

soooo still no news on when 3.0's release date? :


IWasRobbed  /  02 FEBRUARY 2021

Unlike some of the previous commenters, I'm going to try to be polite despite the fact I'm pissed.

Contrary to a previous comment, L&L *DOES* owe Scrivener users something. For the past almost three years, Scrivener has been sold with the promise of an upgrade to the 3.0 version. That's misrepresentation, false advertising and borders on fraud IMO. You OWE your customers some integrity and accountability, AND a product you promised but failed to deliver. Much like with individuals, an ethical business lives by it's word of honor. You have demonstrated a complete LACK of said honor and integrity.

Perhaps a twitter campaign to organize users and get them to file government complaints might motivate L&L. Nothing that was promised in 3.0 should take three years to deliver, PERIOD.

As was also mentioned in previous posts, news updates regarding the status of the project and what was (obviously NOT) being done to resolve them could have done worlds to mitigate the ill will L&L has received. Most people, sane ones anyway, are extremely understanding IF they see there's a genuine effort being made.

Maybe some of the automatic conversion software out there to turn iOS into Windows code will help speed things along, OR you could replace the project team with somebody more qualified, like a class of high school IT students.


Darkstar  /  20 FEBRUARY 2021

"I will personally commit, and be held responsible, for having Scrivener 3 for Windows ready for release on the 30th August 2019."

Haha, good one.

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