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Scrivener 2.0 Release Date

Official release date time:

Scrivener 2.0 will be released for sale on the 1st November.

Yes, that's a week later than planned, but fear not. We'll be releasing a preview copy for download on the 25th October, so you'll be able to start using it in just a few days. We need to take the extra week to add some finishing touches, that's all. The preview copy will be short on a few things (such as project templates) which will be added for the on-sale version on 1st November, but we want to make sure that those participating in National Novel Writing Month this year are able to get their hands on Scrivener 2.0 a week before NaNoWriMo begins.

So, I'd better get back to those project templates and finishing touches right now...

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kreesetaylor  /  25 OCTOBER 2010

Any news on the release of the preview copy? I need to send an outline to a co-author and am waiting for that feature to land!


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