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Notice: This page contains information which primarily relates to the Macintosh version of the software. The content may make reference to features which have not yet been implemented in Windows, and so should not be used to determine the full feature set of the Windows version. If you are curious about the software and would like to see what its capabilities are, you are invited to take advantage of our 30-day free trial.

What Others Are Saying About Scrivener

Below is a sample of the press Scrivener has received since it broke new ground with its release at the start of 2007. For the opinions of professional and published authors, be sure to check out the Testimonials Page.


The New York Times
“Our redeemer is Scrivener… software that jibes with the way writers think. As its name makes plain, Scrivener takes our side; it roots for the writer and not for the final product… The happy, broad-minded, process-friendly Scrivener software encourages note-taking and outlining and restructuring and promises all the exhilaration of a productive desk… Scrivener, then, is one of us, at home in the writer’s jumpy emotional and procedural universe.”
—Virginia Hefferman
MacUser: Editor’s Choice
“Scrivener 2 has been a long time in the works, but it proves to have been well worth the wait. Its first incarnation was an innovative writing tool. With automatic backups, revisioning and snapshot provision, its second is an indispensable one.”
—Nik Rawlinson
MacFormat: Choice
“Verdict: Far and away the best application available for long-form writing—on any platform.”
—Craig Grannell
“Scrivener pulls all the things needed for a complete writing project—be it writing a script, novel, research paper or newspaper/blog articles—together in one location and has so many features that even after nearly three years of use, I don’t think I’ve fully explored all that it has to offer… I can honestly say that Scrivener has made me a more efficient, organized writer and has been the most worthwhile program I’ve purchased for my Mac.”
—Megan Lavey
“I’ve dumped Microsoft Word in favour of a hit cult app called Scrivener… Scrivener is a shrewd collection of tools that everyone will appreciate equally, but exploit differently. It’s the perfect word processor for people like me, who write weekly and monthly columns for a variety of publications and websites. To a pal of mine, it’s the perfect word processor for writing a very complicated science-fiction novel in which a large cast engages in complicated schedules and agendas that all have to be tracked and coordinated with each other through the story. To another, it’s the perfect tool for writing comic-book scripts. You see, Scrivener isn’t an oddball niche ‘alternative’ product. It’s poised to start a genuine revolution.”
—Andy Ihnatko
“I settled on a very slick software program called Scrivener, available for OS X. It simplifies and enhances the writing process by using a model based around user-defined document sections, not pages of virtual paper.”
—Bruce Sterling, (author) selecting excerpts from Jeremy Reimer’s article for ‘Ars Technica’
“In perhaps the quintessential example of small, independent developers creating best-in-class applications on Mac OS X, today we’re going to look at Literature & Latte’s Scrivener… It might sound like I’m being a little overzealous with my praise, but I really am quite impressed with both the application and the developer.”
The Mac Observer (2011)
“Scrivener 2.1 for OS X adds technical refinement, additional features and Lion compatibility. It’s one of the great tools for writers on the Mac, whether the project is a novel, screenplay, or just a research paper.”
—John Martellaro
Organizing Creativity
“[Scrivener] is simply an awesome, awesome, really awesome program. No kidding, I wrote ‘Organizing Creativity’ with it, which was over 400 pages long, had 138,105 words and 785,500 characters, and it was still very easy to find the thread or specific spots where I wanted to change something… when it comes to actual writing, Scrivener is just the reigning and undefeated champion.”
—Daniel Wessel
Small Dog
“Scrivener is a word processor and project management tool created for writers of long texts such as novels, screenplays, and research papers. It bundles a bunch of writing tools into one application, and also offers full-screen editing, which is helpful for blocking out computer distractions. I love it.”
—Ed Shepard
Conform & Obey
“I have tried nearly every writing tool available for the Mac and finally stumbled upon one that is, basically, brilliant. I love it. It has replaced every other writing tool in my arsenal.”
—Ricardo Sanchez
The Seattle Times
“Writers I know swear by Scrivener, whether they write fiction or nonfiction… Scrivener’s approach combines outlining, a virtual corkboard with virtual 3-by-5-inch lined cards, and an emphasis on organization within writing.”
—Glenn Fleishman
Write a Better Novel
“What makes Scrivener so cool is its ability to squirrel away almost any kind of file in its ‘resource’ area—website URLs, snippets of text, emails, PDF documents, images, etc. See something you want to keep? Just select and drag it in. You’ll always know where it is, because it will always be in the same place—along with everything else in that particular project. And you’ll always be able to open it without leaving Scrivener—even if it’s a website. The files are copies of the originals, or course, so your back is always covered.”
—Bill Henderson
Script A()part
“I’ve been using Scrivener for two month now. I used it for the sake of developing a videogame universe for Ubisoft… I played with it 2 hours and decided it was the perfect tool and bought the license (which, at 40$, is really reaaaalllllly cheap). I haven’t opened Montage or StoryMill ever since.”
—Anael Verdier
Angela Booth’s Writing Blog
“The big benefit of Scrivener is that you can outline, research and write, all in a single application. The Scrivener forum, a bunch of knowledgeable ‘writerly’ people (I can’t think of another way to describe people who are serious about writing and who write), generously give lots of tips which will not only help you use Scrivener, but to write as well.”
—Angela Booth
Routines for Writers
“Mac users, sit up and take notice! Have I got a program for you!! It’s called Scrivener and it’s only $39.95… And it’s great!”
—Kitty Bucholtz
Digging Out of Distraction
“I loved the index card format and the way they could shift scenes on screen at a glance. Very very cool stuff… I am very glad I trudged through the tutorial that came with this program… Wow! How easy is that!!?? Pretty dang easy! … I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!”
“Se siete persone che scrivete molto, Scrivener, e la soluzione perfetta sia per autori di libri sia per sceneggiatori. La sua struttura flessibile e estremamente usabile permettera di eseguire le varie operazioni nel migliore dei modi.”
—Luca Infante
“In this weeks Appthrough we take a look at Scrivener, a writing application that can be used for working on larger text-based projects like books or essays. You can watch either the HD version or the low-res version below.”
—Erik Bernskiold
Pen Tales
“So, I downloaded the free trial. I used it for about an hour, then bought the software. It was like moving from stone carved tablets to an intuitive tool made by a writer, for writers. Let me just say that I’m not getting paid to endorse Scrivener. I’m just a big fan. It’s a bargain at under $50, it’s easy to use, and it works.”
—Michele Thornton
“I recently querried an online group I was in about novel-writing software available for Mac users and was pointed in the direction of Scrivener. IT IS AWESOME!”
—Brandy M.
MacUser (Scrivener 1)
“Scrivener starts by assuming that any piece of written work (be it a novel, screenplay, academic paper, you name it) will be written as a series of disconnected chunks… this application is great value and comes highly recommended.”
—Giles Turnball
If you give a girl a pen…
“Did you have to research something in your novel? There’s a space for that—and now you can easily click between your manuscript and your research without opening other programs, waiting for them to load, clicking through them on the task bar, etc. Everything you need to write is right there. But even better than that is the notecard function…”
—Beth Revis
“Storing ideas. A thing I often think about… Your latest trick: a Scrivener document. Scrivener does that thing, that cards-you-can-zoom-into thing. It costs a fraction of Tinderbox’s price, and has none of the learning curve.”
—Giles Turnbull
“By the time I had reached 50,000+ words on my first story I couldn’t find anything when I was using Word… Finally, I found scrivener. Scrivener does a lot but the most important thing, for me anyway, is that I can separate each scene. I can name it in the side column, and finding things is now a snap. There is a place for notes on each scene, research, outlines, etc. It’s awesome. Worth every penny.”
—Crystal Posey
D*I*Y Planner
“Over the years I’ve found that writing a book or novel requires much more than just starting at the beginning and working your way to THE END… If you’re serious about writing screenplays, or novels, or want to dabble with modular documentation then I highly recommend you give Scrivener a shot. I love this app and have been using it for all my writing needs.”
—Jaymi Elford
“I use Scrivener for writing my novels and a MacBook. I used to use Word, but literally I can’t imagine how I’d write a novel without Scrivener now… There’s nothing that can match Scrivener’s chapter view for seeing where the book has gone and is going.”
—Seth Harwood
Being Beth
“No more stacks of paper, white boards that take up an entire wall, index cards and cork boards, and no more sifting through endless reams of paper looking for that scene you think might be in chapter 17 that you want to put into chapter 6. With Scrivener, it’s all in my computer… when it clicked for me and I got my brain around it and got past my fear of screwing something up I found this is the greatest tool for writers ever!!!”
—Beth Lahaie
Boulders 2 Bits
“I am not a linear writer. In other words, I don’t start at the beginning and just keep going until I get to the end (and then edit, edit, edit). Instead, I visualize the entire project and see an outline or skeleton. As I find resources, material, quotes, literature and even websites that I need to include, I try to place them on an appropriate ‘hook’ in the outline in my mind. This can get crazy. Especially if you are juggling several projects… the search eventually led me to an amazing application which is the subject of this post: Scrivener.”
—Karyn Traphagen
The Naughty Bits
“Many of my friends who write eBooks have actually gone out and changed their whole computing setup to Macs just to use this handy dandy writing tool of the gods Scrivener… Reports seem to indicate that once used the writer will never go back to the blank Word doc screen ever again.”
Scribbling Damselfly
“I woke up off-colour yesterday, and felt too sick to do much of anything… so I cranked up Scrivener (at long last) and tried to figure out whether it would work for me.”
—Deborah Kalin
Across the Pod
“Pages is still fundamentally a ‘word processor’ though, and after i discovered a piece of software called ‘Scrivener’, i have left pages behind too, in favor of Scrivener… There is something fundamentally different about Scrivener compared to other software products in its class—Scrivener is designed to write content.”
Main Screen Turn On
“I heard of Scrivener mid 06, and took the opportunity to try out Scrivener Gold… I felt it was time to actually pay full price for the software. How much should I pay for it? Forty American dollars. Worth every cent. Later today, I’m going to write a very kind letter to the man at Literature & Latte.”
—Chris Leiker
“Professional or aspiring writers seeking a powerful, inexpensive application for producing prose, scripts, or research papers should consider Scrivener… Indeed, Scrivener offers so many features that it’s easy to lose track of where to find some of the more advanced ones. Thankfully, the program’s help files and the included tutorial are clear, thorough, and even occasionally witty.”
—Nathan Alderman
Michael Hyatt
“…it focuses on the tasks that writers need and takes them to the next level. It provides a ‘corkboard’ where you can ‘storyboard’ your book using virtual index cards. If you want a more traditional approach, it provides a fully-featured outliner. My favorite aspect of the program is full-screen editing. You can eliminate all the distractions of other programs and windows and focus on the single document you are working right now.”
—Michael Hyatt
Tami Moore
“I like it, and I think that the more I use it, the more likely I am going to depend upon it. I wish I’d found it (and had a mac to use it on) years ago.”
—Tami Moore
“I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve been moved to pay for a program, but I have to admit I don’t begrudge the Scrivener fee. It’s made it much easier to manage my writing…”
—Carolyn Roberts
Ramblings of a Remote Worker
“It’s a dream to work with, being as intuitive as you can get and letting you focus on the dumping of content and ideas, and the organisation of it into something readable. I’m trying to write three books at the same time on different topics, a process which was, literally, inching along under Word. Using Scrivener, it’s quicker and less stressful.”
—John Kirriemuir
“Scrivener… is an environment for writers of both prose and screenplays. It’s more than just a word processor.”
—Philip McIntosh
The Epoch Times
“Students, writers, and journalists regularly need to flip through large amounts of notes, Web sites, audio files, and other information while working on a project… The research folder, found just below your draft, can hold any reference information. I found it very easy to use. Within a few seconds, I was able to insert a Web page, a PDF, audio files, and notes—all of which could be accessed with a quick click. Once you have this together, you can then divide your workspace to view two documents at once. This function allows the writer to type and read their notes simultaneously. You can also open audio files and type while it plays (with keyboard shortcuts assigned to stop and play the recording).”
—Joshua Philipp
Brad’s Reader
“I like it because it lets you organize your notes and drafts any way you want. So you can move things around and see how your story works with different scenes in different places.”
Digital Cheat Sheet
“Scrivener is an excellent piece of software for anyone interested in writing. It is good for those working on novels, newspapers articles, or generally anything that requires both organization and research.”
—Hunt Henning
“IT IS AWESOME! I highly recommend anyone who does a lot of writing, be it term papers, essays, novels, etc. check out this software. It allows you to keep all your research documents (pictures, videos, text documents, pdf’s, etc.) in one place and you can access them while writing without changing programs or even opening a new window! It’s got many other features and you can download a trial version that is the complete software. It doesn’t hold back any features.”
—Brandy M.
Marley Delarose Blog
“Daily project targets help you stay on track with your progress. Notice the coded chapter headings in the document and the continuity of the scene names at the top of the program, in the document and on the synopsis card.”
—Marley Delarose
“Another thing that I absolutely love is how easy it is to do research alongside your writing. This is great for Writers writing a nonfiction or historical piece. You are able to drag and drop images, links, tidbits of texts, etc. There is a research area that allows you to group the research into different areas.”
Sambath Meas’ Blog
“I just got a new writing software called Scrivener. It’s so cool. I love using it. Scrivener really does help you organize those big writing projects… It’s totally worth it.”
—Sambath Meas
Michael Di Lauro
“Which is why I’m thrilled to have, only recently, discovered exactly that—a better way. Scrivener truly is a one-stop, no-fuss-no-muss software application devoted to one simple task—writing… Then there’s the price point, which is much too reasonable—a steal in fact. Why is Scrivener priced so low?”
—Michael Di Lauro
Mac OS X Screencasts
“Scrivener is a very intuitive and easy to use program aimed at authors of books or newspapers and/or for research projects and several other writing related jobs. Therefore Scrivener has built-in some very special functions that allow you to streamline your workflow!”
—Screencast by Zettt
Débuter sur Mac
French language Scrivener review and 30-minute video. The video is professionally done and extremely comprehensive.
Review and video by JenM4e
Spanish language personal blog article relating to Scrivener.
—Jacqueline Murillo. Nisaba: Language, editing, design and technology of the word.
Learner-Shaped Technology
“Scrivener rocks as a course design tool.”
Video demonstration of Scrivener usage by Mike Winiski, Center for Teaching & Learning, Furman University.
Mac Power Users
“Scrivener is a word processor and project management tool that allows you to research, organize, outline and create documents. The emphasis is not on fancy features or formatting, it’s on writing and writing well.”
In depth Scrivener podcast by David Sparks & Katie Floyd
Top 5 Best Writing Apps for 2010
Spoiler warning: “Scrivener is probably the best writing app in existence.”
—Hilarious YouTube app review video by Michael L. Martin Jr.
The Mac Observer (2007)
“Scrivener is a writer's tool that assists with a wide range of writing tasks, not just a novel, that can benefit from organizational support. It provides features missing from a conventional word processor and focuses on the task of helping the writer manage text and ideas during the creative process.”
—John Martellaro


Mac 20 Questions Podcast
“I got talking to Keith Blount the developer of Scrivener, the excellent writers software. He tells me that he is a wanna be writer and a coder but not necessarily in that order. Used to be a teacher in primary school and gave up the high life to be a code monkey.”
—David Allen
“While office workers were perfectly content ‘processing’ words, scribblers writing words needed more from their software… Among those who do know about the program, it has attracted raves.”
—John P. Mello Jr interviews Keith (Scrivener’s developer) for TechNewsWorld.
Your Mac Life Show
“… I thought this (Scrivener) would just be for ‘writers’… but as I’ve done research on the software I’m seeing a lot of different people using it for a lot of different reasons…”
—Shawn King interviews Keith for Your Mac Life Show.
“…then along comes along some bloke from Cornwall, England, who proves me wrong. Scrivener utterly reinvents what word processing should be for novelists everywhere. After hearing four previous Bibliotech guests rave about how this product has changed the way they write, I gave it shot—and I’m hooked as well. I’ll never go back to Word.”
—Mark Jeffrey interviews Keith for Bibliotech
“…And what prompted you to start developing Scrivener? Why do you think it has picked up so many excellent testimonials from both reviewers and users?”
—Nick Spence provides Keith with the questions on behalf of Macworld.