The full screen mode in Scrivener can show as much or as little as you wish: fade the background in and out so that you can view the desktop beneath; view the keywords pane; open the full screen inspector for access to the document notes and keywords or the project notes; call up the control panel to change the view settings; access the menu... Or, hide everything and just work with your text against an empty screen.

Scrivener's full screen mode allows you to choose how to view your text. If you want, you can set up a retro look and have all green text against a black background...

...or white text against a blue background with a block cursor. Or - any set up you choose. Scrivener's Preferences panel gives you complete control, right down to choosing the style of scrollbar you prefer.

Note: Scrivener's full screen mode is just one feature of a package that is intended to help you write and manage a large project. If full screen editing is the main draw of Scrivener for you, you may wish to check out WriteRoom, a dedicated full screen text editor.