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SCRIVENER ESSENTIALS: A Quick Start Visual Guide for Windows and Mac Users

Imagine if you could use Scrivener for Windows like a seasoned professional, knowing the keyboard shortcuts, what the tools on the toolbar do; flying through the application and creating an amazing story without being distracted by having to look up how to use a feature every time you want to use it.

Well, you can learn to do that with these quick start visual guides. They have step by step instructions with:

  • Plenty of pictures, so that you can instantly recognize the regions of the user interface.
  • Arrows pointing right at the buttons mentioned in the instructions, making them easy to find.
  • Instructions embedded into the images they refer to so that they don’t drift onto the next page because of the personal settings on your Kindle.

There are two versions of this book, one for Mac OS X and another for Windows. Available in Kindle format.

Buy the Mac version at ($4.99)

Buy the Windows version at ($4.99)