Keyboards ;This is a perrty cool thing:::

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I have a number of heavier, tough keyboards.

Most current keyboards do not support typing by anyone meaning it.

This is a perrty cool thing:::

I think it will work great for "typewriter" mode: The carriage return works, As do the platen knobs.

And the DELETE key is in the correct position.

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Interesting, indeed. Thanks for sharing, Bob!

By the way, newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online literature community. I joined up in the hopes of learning a thing or two from the more experienced members here. Whenever I'm taking a break from this particular interest, I'm usually found at home, watching my Pomeranian relax in one of his dog beds and watching TV with the wife and kids. Such a simple, yet, happy life. Cheers, fellas!

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Thank you for sharing this! I didn’t even expect them to be re-released, this is such good news for me. :)