Scrivener has disappeared!

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I really need some urgent help. Today I received a message from Literature and Latte to say that Scrivener had an update to install. I went through the process of installation and it said it had done so OK. But since then I have been unable to launch or locate Scrivener - it won't launch from my documents or from my desktop shortcut. I am panicking, rather, as it had two novels on it! Please can you help? I wrote to you many hours ago and it said you would get back to me shortly, but have had no reply.

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You have posted in the iOS section but you have a Windows PC?
I am a user, writing non-fiction and science, using:
* Mac Scrivener 3 on a Macbook 12”, MacBook Pro 13”, and iMac 27”, all running the latest MacOS
* iOS Scrivener 1 on an iPhone 8, iPad Air 9.7”, and iPad Pro 12.9”, all running the latest iOS

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I suspect you want this thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=52443

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