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As many, even I, have mentioned the problem of " eSellerate install failed" and one must register again., something weirder has happened: When I open Scapple and Scrivener at the same time, the error appears on Both programs. To quote from Lewis Carroll: "Things are getting curiouser and curiouser". Of course one could open one program and then the other, but it is odd. Anything that can be done?

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Any ideas, opinions.... anyone?

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Interesting! I got a different message, and only in Scrivener, but while I ordinarily have no problems loading either program, when I launch both with the same Finder command I do get what appears to be a bit of a fight over the eSellerate frameworks. My guess is that there wouldn't be much we can do about it since all of that is outsourced. Both Scrivener and Scapple are going to be requesting the engine do its check simulataneously and it wasn't built to handle that possibility, best I can see.
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