Collaborating With Scrivener

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Having done some serious research recently into the various realities of collaborating via Cloud filing systems, my experience suggests we can't have all the toys at once. It's like playing golf and hockey at the same time. Or something. There will always be compromises, until somebody decides to re-engineer the cloud collaboration experience. My worry is that we may be consolidating services before there has been enough experimentation possible, and every large organization ends up getting stuck in previous decisions. Doing the primary investigation of how creation and production work, could work, or will want to work is a huge but very valuable project. For now, I shall take small joy in things like Focus mode. I really like this focus mode. Even though I can see Facebook to the left on my other screen, I have to cross a big black expanse in order to get to FaceBook. And black expanses scare us. Nice one, Scrivener.