[LH2924] Composition Mode, selecting text and right-clicking to Font. > Show Fonts, then Cancel crashes Scrivener

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Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:50 pm Post

If I enter Composition mode, then select a text block and right-click, then Select Fonts, Show Fonts, if the first thing I do is to select Cancel, Scrivener immediately crashes. It also appears to then reset any customizations I have made such as having the Composition Mode display zoom at 140%, reverts back to 100%.

I can repeat this situation to make it crash every time. But if I do the same thing, except instead of Cancelling out, I click OK, then it does not crash and if I then go back into Font > Show Font, and then Cancel after previously hitting OK, then it works fine. So it only crashed if I go to Font > Show Fonts > Cancel first.

Right-clicking on selected text and selecting Styles works fine. I have not tested out anymore of the options.

And having learned from the other tricky situation I had, this time I used F11 to enter Composition Mode and also went to the View menu and selected it. It crashed either way.
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Thanks. This has been filed.
Bryan Bender