[Sugg] Binder text background no longer uses label's color? And still no customization of binder/outliner's text color?

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Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:11 am Post

It looks like now the text background in the binder simply uses the binder's background color instead of the label color of each document, and this is not a good change for me, because the way it was before makes it very easy to look at each document's color labels and get an overview of the structure of the story (different characters/factions/storylines using a different label color). Now, the label colors are only shown in that little rectangle and dot at the beginning and ending of each item, and it's not clear visually.

And I've been begging for the ability to customize the text color of the binder and outliner for years, but it's still just using the Windows theme color that's in use, which is not ideal at all. Just allow us to change the text colors so we can customize the perfect writing environment that suits our preference.