[LH2876] Outliner View Columns not mapping correctly when 1.9.7 project upgraded to 2903

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Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:58 pm Post

It looks like since you have changed the definition of Standard metadata, the drop-down menu for checked Outliner View Columns is different in 1.9.7 and 2903. So during the project upgrade, you are mapping the order or sequencing of the checked columns, not the field names, and I have different columns selected in 2903 than I did in 1.9.7. However, it is clear why as the sequence of the columns as listed in the Outliner View Columns is mapping 1-1 (Thus producing different results, due to such things as Section Type and Keywords being added and Synopsis being embedded underneath Title (thus removing it from where it was sequenced in 1.9.7. Hope that makes sense.
Scrivener Outliner Columns 2903.png
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