[LH2852] : Project Bookmarks window - document name change does not automatically propagate to left pane

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1) Make sure you already have some Project Bookmarks created before proceeding
2) Open Project Bookmarks
3) Click on icon in lower right corner to open Quick Reference Window
4) Select a bookmark from the left pane
5) In the right pane, click into the document title, edit the title, and hit Enter.

If you can see the corresponding document in the Binder, you'll see its name has changed immediately. However, in the left pane of the Quick Reference Window / Project Bookmarks, the old title is still present. This title will not be updated until you either move the cursor over the left hand pane, or click out of the Quick Reference window into another window / area of Scrivener.

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Thanks, this has been filed!
Bryan Bender