Can't Edit Synopsis Directly on "Index Cards" in Corkboard View

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Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:02 pm Post

I think this is more of a feature request than a tech support question, but...

Anyone else baffled that you can't simply enter text onto the face of each "index card" when in corkboard view? My main reason for using the desktop version of Scrivener is that I love outlining my scripts in the corkboard view. I can move scenes around, change their descriptions, etc..

On Scrivener for iPad, you actually cannot directly edit the "synopsis" of each document in the corkboard. You have to double tap each index card, which brings up a full-screen-ish window, then you have to tap again on the synopsis before you see a cursor and can actually edit text. While in this inspector view, your view of the other index cards is blocked / dimmed, so you can't see what story beats you're changing in relation to the rest of the sequence.

This feature omission just seems weird. In the desktop version of Scrivener you can just double click an index card and start entering text.

Would really love this feature (?) to come to iPad Scrivener. Without it, I don't really even have a reason to use iPad Scrivener. Would love to just be able to long-press each index card and a cursor appears. Or, when navigating with the arrow keys (I have a keyboard case-cover), hitting "return" when parked on an index card brings up the cursor (and NOT the elaborate inspector, which I don't want to edit that frequently).