iOS 11 problems with bluetooth keyboard.

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Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:13 pm Post

I’ve searched the forum but did not find any post to refer to my problem.

I use Scrivener for iOS as my primary writing tool, the mac version is only to prepare my work for posting. Because of this, I depend heavily on external keyboards. I work with Logitech bluetooth keyboards, models K380 and K480.

They have worked well with Scrivener since I bought them, but I started having problems with them since upgrading to iOS 11 and the whole problem with Dropbox. I have no problem using the keyboards with other apps, they still respond, but with Scriverner it has become a matter of luck. If I work on Scrivener and happen to leave the app for a moment, when I return the keyboard is no longer working. I have to go to the Bluetooth section in settings make the iPad (iPad Pro 9.7) forget the keyboard, add it again, and I have to do this several times until it takes and I can work again with it.

It’s getting really difficult for me to keep using Scrivener because of this problem, I hope someone knows how to correct this because it’s really keeping me from working, and frankly no other app can compete.