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Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:33 pm Post

I hate that old "the customer is always right" chestnut. It's just an excuse for people to act rudely (or to not apologise for having done so). Sometimes, the customer is just plain wrong. Other times, they are expressing a subjective opinion that is no more wrong or right than anyone else's. And of course, sometimes they *are* right. Just not always, and just as the developer or seller is as often right. We always listen to customers and treat them politely (unless they are not polite to us), and we value their opinions. Customer feedback helps inform our own opinions and judgements. But our own opinions and judgements are, in the end, what drives our software forward. But reepicheep knows all of this and has a long and noble history of comments such as the above. A phrase involving water and ducks springs to mind at this point.

I won't have our support demeaned, though, not this week. Our support staff has gone above and beyond this week and answered thousands of emails, getting through between 300 and 500 a day (and receiving many impressed and happy replies). Our support staff is superb. Objective fact!

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!
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Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:54 pm Post

Hey Keith, I just wanted to throw out a huge congrats on the release. What you and the team have pulled together is truly remarkable. The software, site and icons are all such a sophisticated step forward. I actually moved towards the Mac OS just to write in Scrivener. Just know there are plenty of folks who appreciate the work you've taken on. Let alone the fact that you've kept Scrivener so reasonably priced. Looking forward to the journeys ahead.

Thanks again,