Downloading on iOS without being charged a 2nd time

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Hi there,

I purchased a Mac Scrivener licence a while back through a third-party website.

1. I now want to download Scrivener on my iPad. I think i have to do this through the Apple App Store, but i can't figure out how to do this without being charged as there doesn't seem to be a download button without paying for it again?

2. I have Scrivener version 2.8 on my Mac. Does it matter what version i download on my iPad?


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Mac Scrivener and iOS Scrivener are separate products requiring separate purchases.

iOS Scrivener is only available via the Apple iOS App Store.

Scrivener Support Team

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You can only download the latest iOS Scrivener version from the app store and it will work with Mac Scrivener Version 2.8 or more recent.

Hope this helps.
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