Would you like a keyboard cover/skin for your Mac keyboard? (new Macbook keyboards need covers)

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hi folks,

My 2017 Macbook Pro is in the shop getting a new keyboard because the latest generation of Macbooks have keyboards so thin they jam up from the slightest speck of dust; the Apple support team advised me that the only way to prevent a recurrence is to keep a keyboard skin on it at all times.

If I'm going to use a keyboard skin, I want one that helps me remember Scrivener shortcuts! I've spoken with a keyboard skin company that might print Scrivener keyboard shortcut skins...if there are other folks interested.

If this is something that might interest you, please leave a reply/comment here, or tweet me (@awsamuel) or tweet with hashtag #ScrivenerSkin (there is no way THAT hashtag can go wrong).


Alexandra Samuel